Practice What You Preach

Communicating with others is critical to having relationships in our lives. It can be used to send messages to other people who don’t know our thoughts or intentions. When we speak, it allows people to see our opinions and how we are as a person.

Sending our message out into the world is so important, we want people to hear what we have to say and who we are. This also means we need to practice what we preach. Making sure to communicate with others what you believe in yourself.

While words are an important part of communication, they also require actions to follow up on our beliefs. Words are not useful if we don’t follow up with what we are saying. We need to take action on our belief system. We give our power away to our fears if we fail to act on them.

I know that to break beliefs and the control they have over me, I have to give into these thoughts and take actions to overcome them. Taking the power away from that fear, and giving back that power to myself. No one wants fears to control their lives.

Each time we listen to a negative thought or belief, it makes it harder to listen to our healthy voice. It gives our power away and strengthens the fears.

We can always say we need to do “x” to overcome a belief, but the only way to truly move forward is to provide the actions to overcome the thoughts.

I know what needs to be done, I need to apply actions not just words to my daily life. This can be said with any disease, disorder, or fear that is holding us back in life. Practice what you preach. Simple, but effective.

Do you have a hard time applying positive actions to your thoughts? Are you good at practicing what you preach?