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Hey all!

I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up with my writing but between starting a new job and getting things settled it’s been a little busy.

I have pre-written so many different posts but am not sure what to begin posting first. So, I want to hear from you. You can e-mail me, leave a comment, it can be totally anonymous I just want to know what you would like to learn about anything makeup / beauty related.

What have you always wanted to learn? What do you want to see more of? I could post my about my top foundations/eyeshadows, etc., your beauty concerns, how to achieve certain looks, my favorite makeup tips and tricks…but I want you to all contribute. Basically whatever you want to know, I want to answer for you.

This site is to help you learn, so please leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll be collecting your thoughts and ideas over the next week and begin writing as soon as I get that together.

I definitely want to be writing more and am excited to get this site going again.

Thank you for your input and for sticking around!

Quick Question!

For a while now I’ve been contemplating starting up a You Tube for my blog. Would that be something you guys are interested in? I’ve been trying to write down some certain posts, but am having a hard time writing ALL the steps out, and think it would be much easier to have a more visual guide. Especially if some of you are beginners in makeup.

I would also accompany the video with a blog post, so if you do dislike watching videos you could always use that as a guide instead. Just let me know, because ultimately I want to do whatever you would like to see on this blog.

I know some people prefer reading apposed to watching a video, which is why I would write a blog post alongside whatever I film.

Thanks to you all for being patient! As I said, starting a new job things are a little crazy for the first little while.

I appreciate the input as well! Let me know what you would like to see as well, and I’ll totally add that to my list! Promise I’ll be back posting and commenting more soon.

4 Makeup Trends To Try This Spring

First things first, I want to apologize for my posting being very sporadic lately. It’s been a busy few months, but things should be winding down shortly! I will do my best to post weekly.

Second, I got a new job at MAC Cosmetics. To say I’m excited is an understatement. The interview process was pretty intense, but I am SO, so happy I now have the job. Anyways, I’ll go into more detail about this later.

Today, let’s talk Spring trends.

With Spring finally here, the 2014 Spring trends are popping up everywhere. When taking inspiration from fashion shows, the looks can be a bit on the extreme side in terms of daily wear. Instead, I chose a few of my favorite yet wearable trends that you can add into your routine.


Orange Lips.

jessica alba orange lipstick{ Source }

If you hadn’t heard by now, orange lipstick is a huge trend this Spring. Hearing the word orange can totally scare people off, but keep in mind there is at least one shade of orange that will work for you (I swear it). It may just take some experimenting to get it right.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a straight orange lip to be on trend.

Anything with an orange hue goes – Corals, sheer orange, bright orange, peaches, apricots, nude orange, coral pink, and even red oranges. Wearing any of these shades and not straight up orange will still keep you on trend this season.

Choosing the right orange is important and will add a gorgeous warmth and brightness to the face. The orange lip isn’t going anywhere thing Spring and adds such a fun and glamorous look.

Even though the orange is seen as “harsh” it’s actually very wearable on most skin tones. The trick is finding the right shade for your particular skin tone. I will go into more detail on finding the perfect orange in my next post.

Doe Eyes. 

audrey hepburn makeup

The idea behind this trend is to add brightness to the eyes; which will make our features stand out. Wearing anything soft, light, or nude will add an instant angelic, innocent, yet glam effect to the eyes.

This look is achieved by using a white eyeliner placed in the waterline. This will make the eyes appear larger (rounder) and more awake. If you’re like me and don’t love the white eyeliner look, use a nude eyeliner; which essentially does the exact same thing, but will appear more natural since it’s skin toned.

You can play up this trend even more by using shimmery nudes, champagnes, or even light pinks over the eyelid to help achieve this classic, yet natural looking glow. Even if you don’t use white, these shades will still add a youthful and open-eyed look, which will bring lots of positive attention to your eyes.

Glowing Skin.

jennifer lopez glowing skin

Highlighted skin is a classic Spring look and will never go out of style. It’s just lovely. This trend adds this amazing radiance to the skin, while adding a youthful appearance to the skin. Highlighting is an ultimate pick me-up; making your skin appear brighter, enhancing your beautiful features.

When applying highlighter remember, less is more. Only apply to certain places on the skin – high points of the cheekbones (if you do anything, it must be this!), down the bridge of the nose, tip of the nose, cupids bow, brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, and a light tap on the center of the chin.

This technique creates more dimension and brightness, again, to enhance our features we want to stand out.

There are many options to choose from when picking out a highlighter; creams, liquids, and powders oh my. However, that’s another topic for another day.

A Pop Of Colour On The Eyes.

makeup with a pop of color{ Source }

Any pop of colour added to your routine will put you right on trend this Spring. Try anything bright; such as magenta, green, purple, orange, or even get daring with a little red (this is actually one of my favorites). The possibilities are endless.

If your aren’t totally ready to commit fully to a bright green or blue eye look, try adding just a hint of green, blue, purple, etc. across the lid or along the waterline to give a more subtle pop of color. If all else fails, cover up that pop of color with black or brown eyeliner and you’re back to a neutral look.

And never forget about the oh so sultry cat eye. Play up your typical black winged liner with a fun pop of color instead.


There are many more trends I didn’t mention, but I wanted to list my favorite this season.

Make sure to look out for my next posts, where I will break down these trends and show you how to make them workable for you.

It’s totally fun to experiment and switch up your makeup each season. Doing the same old thing is definitely the easier, and more reliable route, but it’s much more fun to experiment with your look.

At least try it for a day, and it you don’t like it. Well, it’s just makeup and there’s always tomorrow to go back to your same daily look.


What are your favourite beauty trends this Spring?

Which one of these looks are you most willing to try?

MAC Lipstick – Pink Nouveau (My perfect pink)

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite lipsticks; MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick. I’ve mentioned it before, and probably will again considering it’s a must have in my makeup bag. 

This lipstick is simply stunning. For sure in my top 5 go-to’s.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick

MAC describes this lipstick as a “bright pink”.

To me, this is a cool, mid toned pink that is very wearable. It’s definitely a bold lip colour, but the shade of pink is one you can easily pull off. Not one of those shades that draws a lot of attention (like say Candy Yum-Yum – which I also love). If it’s your first few times experimenting with bolder lipsticks, this is a shade I’d recommend.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick vs Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick

{ For comparison sake; Pink Nouveau swatch on top, Candy Yum-Yum on the bottom – don’t judge the goosebumps, it was cold outside! }

It was love at first application. Pink Nouveau has a satin finish; meaning it’s very pigmented yet keeps the lips conditioned, leaving you with a semi-matte finish. Satin finishes are like the Goldilocks of lipsticks – they’re just right. Not too matte you feel like your lips are crazy dry, and not super moisturizing that you’re reapplying every 30 minutes. The perfect in between.

MAC Lipstick Pink Nouveau

{ The shade on me – As you can tell, it definitely looks different on the lips versus a straight up swatch on bare skin }

Without lip liner, this lipstick lasts a good 4.5 hours. It also leaves a nice stain to the lips once it’s worn off which is nice to still have a little pigment once the colour starts to fade.

It’s no surprise to me that Pink Nouveau is one of MAC’s best selling lipsticks. Almost anyone can pull it off. From the fairest of skin, to darker complexions; I’d say this is one lipstick with a lot of wiggle room in regards to looking good on different people. Even my Mom loves this colour, so if you’re a mature Women (or Man) definitely don’t shy away from this shade.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick swatch

{ Here is a swatch of Pink Nouveau by itself }

However, I do always recommend trying on any lipstick before buying; just in case it’s not your taste.

I’ve been thinking about doing a post about eye makeup to wear with a bold lip, if you all would be interested in that? Let me know.

Are you a bold lip fan?

If so, what’s your favourite shade?

If not, what are your favourite colours to play with? I’m always looking to add to my collection!…even though I probably don’t need to. My collection is ridiculous.

NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Red lips to me, are the ultimate holiday essential.

It’s a classic for a reason. A red lip never goes out of style and looks great on anyone. And this NARS lip pencil is the perfect tool for this seasons red lip. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about it.

NARS Cruella lip pencil

There are 15 shades available in the velvet matte lip pencil line, and Cruella is described as a matte, cool toned medium-dark scarlet red.

First off, this velvet matte pencil is so easy to apply, has great longevity, and is super flattering on different skin tones. This red color absolutely steals the show the show.

My favorite thing about this pencil, is that it’s not necessary to apply lip liner beforehand. When using a red lipstick, it’s almost a must to use lip liner before applying the colour, but not with this pencil. It’s a dream to apply and just glides right over the lips.

nars cruella matte lip pencil

Secondly, I was very impressed that it’s a matte shade but not nearly as drying as most matte formulas are.

If you do happen to have dehydrated lips, I would suggest applying a light layer of lip balm underneath.

I was able to wear this shade for a good 5 hours without need for touching up, and after that the color started to fade, but I was left with a really nice red stain to the lips.

NARS Cruella lip pencil

Cruella is different from the normal reds I tend to reach for. Being that it’s slightly darker and deeper than other red lipsticks I own.

It was a great new option for those reasons, and the fact that it’s bold, bright, and the perfect addition to this holiday season.

Overall, I highly recommend this product. If you love matte red lips, you must check this out.

Have you tried any of the NARS lip pencils?

What is your favorite red lip color or lipstick?

MAC Rebel Lipstick

Let’s talk a little lipstick shall we?

MAC is definitely my go-to when it comes to finding a lipstick I know I’ll love. The two just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

MAC Rebel lipstick isn’t a new colour by any means, it’s been available for years now.

Mac Rebel Lipstick

The wonderful thing about Rebel is that it isn’t a true plum, nor is it a true red. It sits right in the middle, so you can get that slightly sultry colour, without it looking too vampy.

It also has a fantastic quality in that it doesn’t play favourites to a certain skin tone or hair colour. It honestly looks great on just about everyone. As long as you have the confidence wearing this lipstick, it will look amazing on you. Swear.

Rebel is described as a “midtonal cream plum with a satin finish”. I love Mac’s satin lipstick finishes; they leave a slightly “glossy” look when applied to the lips.

mac rebel lipstick

There are a few things I adore about this lipstick: For one, it’s long wearing – meaning it will last hours on the lips, no touchups necessary. However, because of this, it’s very drying. You will want to make sure your lips are very moisturized before applying this shade.

This beautiful colour also happens to be very creamy and buildable. Being that it’s highly pigmented, your fingers are the perfect tool if you want to have a more sheer application for a lighter plum look. You also have the option of making it more dramatic of a look when you apply it straight from the tube.

When rocking a plum like this, makeup can really depend on what you’re in the mood for and the time of day. During the day, I’d say it’s always a safe option to keep the eyes on the neutral side (stay away from the shimmer), but at night, you’re pretty much free to play around how you please.

Like I said earlier though, confidence is a must when you are wearing a bold lip. As long as you are rocking that, you will look great in whatever you choose to wear.

*If you don’t want to pay the full price for Rebel, Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy is a pretty close dupe.

What’s your favourite Fall lipstick? Do you have a go to lip colour?

Chocolate Chia Seed Individual Cookies

Hello Lisa Lately readers!

We are Lori and Michelle and we blog over at purelytwins. We are honored to be writing a guest posts for Lisa.

A little bit about us… we love to create fun and quick recipes. It is a passion of ours really. We can make any excuse to get in the kitchen to play around with ingredients. We also watch our sugar intake due to skin issues. But we also have big sweet teeth so making fun and low-sugar desserts is something we like to do.

grainfree chia cookies

And after making our 8 minute cookies that serve two (that was a pinterest inspiration) we knew we had to create other options for that recipe.

We received several requests for egg-free, grain-free, and low-sugar (stevia) based recipes.

So off to the kitchen we went. Check out some of our other quick single serving cookie recipes here.

chocolate protein chia cookies

Now these cookies are not like your typical crunchy cookie. Nope. They are more on the soft side just like our regular protein low-sugar cookies. And if you have baked with stevia before you will understand the texture in these cookies.

The chia seeds help provide a slightly crunchy texture to them. Plus it is a great way to boost your intake of Omega 3s!

Here is how we made our chocolate chia seed individual cookies that are egg and sugar free.

Purelytwins recipe: Individual hemp protein egg-free chia seed cookies

makes 1 large or 2 small cookies


  • 2 tablespoons hemp protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 15-20 drops stevia (*substitutions below)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons solid coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons water


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Place raw cookie dough onto a cookie tray. Note it makes 2 cookies or one large cookie.
  3. Baked 350 for 10-13minutes.
  4. And that is it!

*Substitutions: if you don’t want to use stevia you can use 2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey and will probably not need the water. You want the batter of these cookies to be moist but thick. And if you don’t want to use hemp protein powder feel free to use your favorite – it might alter the flavor and texture a little. And you can use carob if you can’t have cocoa powder.

vegan individual chia seed cookies

We hope you like our chocolate chia seed individual cookies. They are perfect for those chocolate cookie cravings that can be whipped up in minutes.

Enjoy! Stop by and say hi sometime. Thanks again Lisa for letting us share our cookie recipe with your readers.

The Purelytwins

Lori and Michelle

Random Acts of Kindness

Performing random acts of kindness is a great way to show the world that we have the power to bring kindness to other people, and have the opportunity to make someones day a little bit brighter.

This isn’t a new concept, it’s been around for a while. It feels better when I put my intentions out there, this way maybe more people would like to get involved as well. It couldn’t come at a better time. Next week, starting on February 11th is the kick off to National Random Acts of Kindness week.

Sometimes, it’s nice to do things for other people, even if they have no knowledge of who performed this kind act. I think this kind of activity can help bring awareness to how our behaviours effect other people. Are you doing things with a kind and open heart? Or a negative one?

Often, we get caught up in the mindset that things “never go our way” or we “don’t have enough”, I’m always a firm believer in gratitude and being grateful for the blessings I have in my life.

What better way to take that focus off “me, me, me” and start thinking about others. I want to use this week to bring more gratitude in my heart and be able to make other people smile.

It feels great to contribute more to society, be a compassionate and loving person, and show my appreciation for simply being blessed in life. I believe random acts of kindness are a great way to show this.

Random Acts of Kindness

These things don’t have to be difficult, just little acts that can truly change how someones day is going. We may have experienced these random acts before.

There are many things we can do:

  • Buy coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Donate old clothing or canned food items
  • Bring blankets to a homeless shelter
  • Bring in treats to work
  • Fill someone’s parking meter, volunteer,
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Be more thankful to those around you.

These are just a few ideas, but there are way more out there. A simple thank you and a kind smile can do wonders. Whatever you do, it doesn’t have to cost money. Just know it will benefit someone, even in a small way.

acts of kindness

source }

Remember it’s not all about you. If your in a bad mood, it doesn’t mean you have to drag others into your bad state. Try putting on a smile and give someone a compliment, or buy a persons meal. I guarantee this will make your day at least a bit better. You have the power to change your attitude and show others kindness.

I want to end that post with my appreciation. I appreciate you all for reading, even if you don’t comment. Thank you for just showing up to my blog, blogging truly boosts my happiness each day.

Would you think about participating in Random Acts of Kindness week?

Have you ever experienced Random Acts of Kindness yourself?

How do you spread kindness in your life?

Feel free to share your stories!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sorority Secrets Beauty Tips

Today’s post comes from one of my favorite bloggers, The Sorority Secrets. Ali, Sakura, and Karen are the Co-Founders of The Sorority Secrets which is a lifestyle site catered to all women. They share best kept secrets from fashion, beauty, health, secret steals and much more told through the eyes of sorority women. The women of The Sorority Secrets’ gave me a couple of beauty tips that I wanted to share with you today. The Sorority Secrets have others helpful tips and advice on their site so check it out!

Thank you ladies!


The Sorority Secrets Beauty Tips

Beauty on a budget. We’re sure you like the sounds of that just as much as we do! As former sorority girls, we always thrived on beauty products that could make us look great, without breaking the bank. Let’s face it: It’s pretty expensive to be a woman! Frequent trips to the mall or nail salon seem to always find their way on our “To-Do” List. Therefore, keep your money for those important rendezvous and save on some fabulous beauty products. We’re a sucker for great deals and have a loyalty to some of the greatest brands that perhaps you may not know about. We will walk you through some of our favorite beauty products.

First up, check out Ali’s beauty favorite.

Ali was never much of a lipstick wearer (she’s always been a gloss kind of girl), but she recently got into some colorful hues from Mac. Her absolute favorite is a bright pink called Candy Yum Yum. The color is highly pigmented, leaving a bright pink pop of color…and making a beautiful makeup statement for a fun night out! Candy Yum Yum was formerly a limited edition color from Mac, but it became part of their permanent collection earlier this year. We’re happy it’s here to stay, because we’re hooked! Ali still loves the more natural lipgloss color for daytime (her favorite is Angel Lipglass from Mac), but something bright is always fun to change it up a bit.

Do you want luscious BIG locks? Then Sakura has the perfect hair products for you!

Sakura likes big hair (and she cannot lie)! The bigger the better, right? Sakura is really picky about the texture of her hair and hates using hairspray so her hair of choice is the Bed Head- SuperStar Blowdry Lotion. A lot of the other volumizing products that she has used before made her hair sticky and ‘rough’ whereas the SuperStar Lotion actually detangles her hair and makes her hair much smoother when volumizing it. Not to mention, it smells good! You can usually  get this hair product anywhere that sells hair supplies for about $17.00, but Sakura recommends buying it from Amazon since it’s usually sold there cheaper. The bottle also lasts her about 3 months so definitely worth the money!

Beauty is not just about the makeup on your face, it’s about maintaining your face too! Just ask Karen!

Karen is in love with a very cheap facewash that she uses every night before she goes to sleep and it is called Basis face wash. With a couple of squirts, Basis cleans off makeup from every part of your face (including your eyelashes, which is very important to her being a mascara wearer).Not many face washes act as both a makeup remover and facial cleanser, but Basis Facewash satisfies both. Karen likes to call this facewash the “$5 facewash” because it really is that inexpensive. You can get Basis face wash pretty much anywhere nowadays. Places that sell this amazing face wash include: ULTAWalmart, Target, and now even some grocery stores (people are catching on!).

So there you have it! Just a few of our beauty tips. Want to learn more about these beauty products or be in on more secrets from The Sorority Secrets? Check us out at www.thesororitysecrets.com!


What are some of your favorite beauty tips?

If you have any to share, comment below :)

What are your favorite beauty products?

Glowing Green Juice – My Ultimate Beauty Elixir

I believe beauty starts on the inside. What we eat truly does have an impact over how we look, which is why I love healthy foods packed with awesome nutrients. This is my go-to green juice recipe. It’s the perfect pick me up after a few too many treats, or just as a great way to start out each day, which is how I like to enjoy it.

This green drink keeps you energized, helps in giving your skin a beautiful glow, and is just overall delicious. I swear green juices aren’t scary, they’re tasty.

Glowing Green Juice.


It’s become an almost daily thing in my life. Especially when life gets busy, it’s always good to know I can get in some nutrients in less than 5 minutes from a green juice.

The biggest improvement I’ve noticed from drinking these is in my skin! I feel like these green juices are my ultimate beauty elixir because it really does make an improvement with how my skin looks.

Glowing Green Juice (serves one)

  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 2 cups of mixed spinach and kale
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 stalks celery
  • 1-1.5 inch piece ginger root

Wash your veggies extremely well, peel, juice, and drink right away.

You can’t help but love the vibrant green color, it makes me feel instantly healthier when I drink them; I mean how can you not feel healthier drinking and eating green things.

What’s your favorite juice combination?