Fall Bucket List

I love Fall.

First off, its simply a gorgeous season. I’m partial to Autumn being my favourite because my birthday occurs in this beautiful season.

I think I’ve probably mentioned this about 23 times already in the past week, but that’s fine. (only 3 weeks exactly until the big day). For you that means 3 more weeks of my over-excitement.


The weather here, is still plenty warm which I’ll take over rain any day, so it doesn’t feel like fall quite yet.

Except for the fact that it’s September and Fall officially starts is in 12 days.

I got even more excited about the upcoming season, since at work last night I think we might have discussed this topic for about an hour.

To me, Autumn screams comfort and family time.I’m not sure if its because the season is changing, the holidays are coming closer.

So, before the season begins, its only necessary that I complete a Fall Bucket List.

Fall to me means tons of baking, warm beverages, walking on the crunching leaves, scarves, the vibrant colours, cute boots, hot coffee, and of course pumpkin loving.

Basically anything pumpkin gets me excited. Pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin flavoured items, carving pumpkins, squash.

I like to really think about the new season, what it entails, and what new things I can do.

With that, here is my Fall bucket list:

  • Make at least 2 pumpkin recipes
  • Make a pumpkin spice latte, and continue to not buy the Starbucks made one.
  • Make a new savoury recipe, like chilli, soup, or something equally as warming
  • Make apple cider
  • Make a maple inspired drink. A sweet blend of fall flavours.
  • Create a recipe using pumpkin seeds
  • Try and get myself to like cooked apples, by baking with them at least once
  • Make a Halloween or Fall inspired cocktail


  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Decorate the house with fun Halloween decor
  • Buy new boots (yes, I’m a bit selfish)
  • Go through my clothing and shoes and donate anything I don’t wear to charity

What are your favourite things about the upcoming season?

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  1. Love the idea of a fall bucket list!! You have some great ones :D
    I can’t wait to eat pumpkins and carve pumpkins!

  2. These are all so great! Many are on my list to work on this fall too–you know we share an obsession with this season! Can’t wait to see your fall inspired cocktail, and I definitely need to continue to not buy the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Good luck with the boot search!

    • Oh yes, so many of us share the love of Fall.
      I can’t wait to come up with the Fall cocktail:) I have lots of ideas already!!

  3. I’m so excited for fall too! I love everything about this season. The colourful leaves, the crisp air, the fashion (boots, cardigans, scarves, plaid, blazers!), the pumpkin recipes, Thanksgiving, apples, fall fairs… I can’t wait!

    And I love your bucket list – I’ve got a lot of similar things on my list too. :D

  4. Love these, I know I will be sticking close to your blog because you always have such delicious pumpkin flavored recipes. Yum!

  5. I agree – new boots are a fall must! I’m already eyeing a couple pairs to add to my wardrobe!

  6. I am SO doing a fall bucket list post! I am loving all the fall loves you have listed here! The nails are SUPER cute!!

    We need to skype soon! I have some questions to ask you! <3

    Happy MIMM!

    • Do it! I’d love to see yours!!
      Aren’t the nails just adorable! I love them!
      Yes, let’s definitely skype soon!!! I think we should have a skype date:)

  7. Ughhh this just got me soo excited!!!!

  8. Love the visuals and the Fall bucket list! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, too, and I am totally Autumn-crazed as well. :) I also desperately need (okay, want) some new boots!! Where do you shop for yours?

    • I’ve been looking mostly at Aldo and Town Shoes. We don’t have a lot of options where I live! So Aldo’s been my go to.

  9. Great bucketlist girl! I’m a september baby, 8 more days :D so i too am a fan of the fall season! have a great monday!

  10. love your bucket list! I made one too! (: Can’t wait for fall to get here!

  11. Ditto on loving Fall – it’s my favorite season :) The colors, the smells, the fashion, the flavors… what’s not to love! The leave are already starting to turn here, and the days are getting crisper, and it just feels so warm and cozy. Makes me want to run to the kitchen and bake up a pumpkin loaf or something :) I really love the things on your bucket list though! Sooo many great ideas to make the most of the season. And buying boots is definitely NOT selfish – you deserve to treat yourself! For me, this season I really want to go apple picking and get my butt back into the kitchen. I’ve been really slacking with cooking/baking lately, and that needs to change!

    • Oh yes, I know you love the season just as much as me:)
      Makes me happy!! This comment made me want to run out and put on my baking pants for some pumpkin bread! I’ve been slacking on my baking too, I think its time to change that!
      You know what, I do deserve those darn boots;)

  12. Well, if anyone wasn’t getting excited for Autumn, this post ought to do it! ALL these pictures are GORGEOUS too. Today when I stepped outside ,there was a crispness & slight chill to the air- gave me a goosepimply feeling that Autumn is here:).

    So , I can’t get canned pumpkin here( yeah yeah, brag all’ ya like), but actual pumpkins will be hitting the shelves soon, for Halloween. Ill be making my own pumpkin puree for sure, & making all your recipes( obvs)!

    Fruit crisps & crumbles say Autumn to me, iv been making individual ones with the last of my peaches & nectarines- think : crumble topping made from almond flour, oats & coconut oil, I think it’d be you typa thing:). I can’t wait to try it with this seasons apples & pears. Oh, and parsnips! A pile of them, roasted , have started to accompany my dinners A LOT . I really want to try nut butter crusted parsnip fries actually, Eeee* autumn is fab*.

    • Ha ha. Its still quite warm here so I haven’t felt the crisp air that Fall is coming quite yet! Hopefully soon though!
      I can’t believe you can’t get pumpkin there, it makes me sad. You need to come here so you can visit me and get loads of pumpkin;)
      I’m glad you will be making your own puree though! Probably loads cheaper!
      Oh man, that crumble/crisp sounds totally up my alley! Holy yum!!
      I LOVE parsnips! I need to pick some up and cook with them more, because they are fabulous!

  13. YAY fun! I totally love the idea of burning fall-inspired candles. And Yes, I want to make some apple crisps & pumpkin soup. I LOVE pumpkin soup. SO much.

  14. Great list!! I love Fall, too. :P

  15. I love your bucket list! I want to get a little pumpkin for my desk at work, but instead of carving it (rotting pumpkins in cubicles are no fun) I was thinking it’d be cool to paint it! And also yes, paint my nails. But I suck at painting them so I was thinking about going to get them done in an orange, and then doing my ring finger on each hand candy corn stripes!
    The fall cocktail is right up my alley. I tried several fall cocktails yesterday at the cocktail competition I judged! I think you’ll enjoy the post. Hint: have you ever seen/tried moonshine? ;)

    • Same here! I was thinking of doing that soon, because those mini pumpkins get rotten way too fast. So painting is the way to go.
      Ha ha, I suck at painting my nails too. They never look very nice.
      I think the candy corn stripe idea would be so adorable!! I love that, I may even copy it.
      I have tried moonshine!!! It is an intense drink to say the least. Now I can’t wait for your next post. I am a little too excited for creating a fall drink. Ideas have been swirling in my mind already!

  16. The weather sure has been cooling down here!! I’m loving pumpkin already! I need to get on my fall bucket list!

    • Definitely do a Fall bucket list! I had a bit too much fun creating mine ha ha.
      Oh I’m all over the pumpkin already!

  17. I’m super excited for fall!!!! I love anything to do with pumpkin and apples! I plan on drinking as much pumpkin coffee as I can!

    • I don’t think we have pumpkin coffee down here! Boo!
      Oh well, I’ll just make up for it with pumpkin everything else:)

  18. Hi Lisa! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now but am a first-time commenter: )

    Love your list — all those sound amazing! My favorite things fall related: pumpkin, cute scarves, and evening outdoor runs!

  19. Lisa, I just had a kabocha squash for the first time and it is the best food I have consumed. Holyyyy moley.

    • Right?!! It is insane how delicious it is! I think people were thinking I was crazy for loving it so hard, but it really is the best squash out there!!

  20. I love your bucket list! I just seriously can’t get enough pumpkin and nutmeg spice. Halloween always kicks off the rest of the “holiday season” so I can’t wait for that :)

    • I’m pretty excited for Halloween as well. It definitely kicks off the rest of the reason!
      I just get super pumped for this time of year.

  21. AHhh love this idea and your list is absolutely great! Would you mind if I borrowed the idea and also took some from your list? You have some pretty dang good ideas Lisa :)

  22. Heck to the yes, Fall is awesome and I WANT to do so many things! Hopefully I’ll finally go to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard, those two are my number 1 and 2 on my list. I also would love to do a corn maze but that might be pushing it. Sigh.

    • Same here! I previously had so many more goals, but thought I was probably getting ahead of myself ha ha.
      I want to go to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard as well!! I’ve been trying to find an apple orchard to go to!

  23. Clearly, I need to eat everything apple, pumpkin and butternut squash this fall. Love the idea of going to a pumpkin patch! That’s so cute. :-)

  24. I personally can’t wait for you to acheive your bucket list – it all looks delicious. :) I’m obsessed with salted mochas. I was making them last winter – hanks for the reminder! Oh, and I’m with you on cooked apples – I can’t get into them!

    • Thanks Laura!
      Ohh, I’ve never had a salted mocha before but that combo sounds outrageously delicious!!
      Its weird about the cooked apples, I just really dislike them for some reason!

  25. can i come join you in all those? Sounds so perfect! especially #1. hehe

  26. I love the candy corn candle holders, so cute. I wish that I could throw a Halloween party but it’s too close to when I am leaving for a trip. I just love this time of year so much! These are all such fun ideas. I am so making a fall inspired cocktail soon :-)

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