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Morning! And a happy Memorial Day to all my US of A friends! Hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend. If you missed out on the fabulous guest bloggers I had last week, make sure you check them out. And also I managed to blog myself yesterday, so if you missed that update post, you can find that here.

Today, I have a wonderful treat for you all! Caitlin is one of my favorite bloggers of all time. She’s a great friend of mine, who I just so happened to meet while attending last years HLS. I can’t wait for you to all get to know her better. With that, I’ll leave you with the wonderful Caitlin


Hey guys! I’m so excited and honored to be blogging for Lisa – just being asked to do so was an honor! Lisa has been a huge inspiration to me since the day I found her blog. She is honest and strong, and because of those qualities she is able to address on this blog important issues which affect her and countless women. I can genuinely say that she is a part of why I decided, after starting my own blog, to start being more honest in my posts about my struggles with disordered eating.

But today I want to keep it casual and just share with you some favorite products I’ve been using lately. Food, fitness, fashion…those are three of my loves (and they form alliteration, which I also love, what a win!) and these products each have something to do with one (or more) of those three loves.

I’m sure the kiddos out there aren’t pairing their mac with red wine.

Annie’s mac n’ cheese products have been buzzed about by bloggers for several years now, but I’m not huge into pasta (bread is my carb of choice, always) so I never got on that bandwagon. Awhile back Swanson Vitamins offered me a credit to review their service and I used some of it to buy these Shells & White Cheddar. My mom made them using skim milk and then I added leftovers to bulk up the bowl – roasted Brussels and pork I’d brought home the night before from one of my fave restaurants. I definitely went back for a second bowl, that’s how good the meal was! Now I want to try more Annie’s products ASAP; the shells got two thumbs up from my sister too.

The crown on the envelope (upper right) was such a nice touch!

I’m a daily deal addict and PS I Adore You is a great daily deal site to be addicted to because it was started by a group of moms who give some of the proceeds to charities supporting the fight against childhood cancer. I made my first purchase – a couple of pairs of earrings by Little Big Fabric – and wearing this yellow polka dot pair brightened my day.

A totally normal food to dip into ketchup.

Little do many know, TJMaxx is an excellent place to find cheap, fun foodie finds. Awhile back I stumbled upon this $3.99 (original price around $9.95) gem – Cherith Valley Gardens Homestyle Ketchup. The ingredients list is stellar and includes corn, garlic, and jalapeno (which adds the perfect little kick – more like a nudge really). I hope I find more Cherith products at TJMaxx soon because their Green Olive Salsa has me VERY intrigued.

Top by Necessary Clothing in NYC.

I am so into all things PEPLUM! The last three weekends in a row, I wore a peplum top on a night out. I want to get the most wear out of them as possible – before they go out of style! Like any “trendy” piece, I recommend buying cheaper (all three of mine are from Necessary Clothing or Forever 21) peplums because these suckers may be “so last season” tomorrow for all I know.

Caution mint lovers – this will make you crave Girl Scout Cookies!

My aversion to mint’s taste protects me from an obvious side effect of the above Bath & Body Works Mint Chocolate Antibacterial Soap…a Thin Mint craving. Damn this soap smells good! I got it on sale around Christmas time and just now busted it out.

I hope you enjoyed some of the food, fitness, and fashion-related products I’ve been rockin’ as of late! Thanks again to Lisa for letting me share them with you on her beautiful blog!

Have you tried or do you use any of this stuff?

What’s your favorite food, fitness, or fashion related product right now?

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  1. TJ Maxx is such a surprisingly awesome place to find great food. I buy a lot of my snacks there, especially lentil chips. They are one of my current obsessions!

  2. Love that picture of you and Lisa, so fun!
    And the top is so pretty too!

  3. Love Annie’s products and my kids especially do! I’ll have to try mine paired with wine next time. ;)

  4. Love mint chocolate, annie’s and peplums too! I didn’t know TJMaxx did food! :)

  5. I adore Annie’s mac and cheese! I like to mix up a box with turkey sausage or all natural hot dogs and throw a green (usually green beans or spinach) in there for an updated version of a childhood classic. I actually just bought the Annie’s boxed pasta with bunny-shaped noodles, because apparently, that’s how childhood-like I want it ;-)

    I always make sure to hit up TJ Maxx when I’m in the States, I always end up finding something amazing!

  6. Ahh, so much to say! I adore the first picture of you two…I think I *might* know when and where it was taken. ;) Speaking of which, Caitlin, are you going to HLS this year?! I miss you!

    Annie’s mac n’ cheese is the bomb.com. I love that they offer not just one, but several GF versions. It’s one of my favorite quick go-to meals when I need to be in and out of the kitchen in under 10 minutes. I love adding spinach and chicken to mine!

    LOVE the yellow polka-dot earrings! I’ll definitely have to check out PS I Adore You…It’s much easier to justify spending money on cute accessories when the proceeds go to childhood cancer charities. Thanks so much for sharing! I love companies/brands like this.

    TJ Maxx is one of my very favorite stores for random perusing. I always find the craziest things there, including amazing food. My most recent discovery was coconut chips. Oh my heavens, they’re good! (And extremely addicting!).

    Huge hugs to you both! xoxo <3

  7. caitlin always has the best accessories!!

  8. You two are super cute!!
    Annies’s has these amazing cheddar and whole wheat bunny crackers that are also cute AND delicious.

    And I agree about your accessory prowess Caitlin.

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