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My name is Amanda and I blog over at a little place on the web called Running With Spoons. I’ll be taking over for Lisa today while she recovers from her surgery, so I hope you guys don’t mind listening to me ramble on for a while.

When Lisa first asked me if I’d be interested in writing up a guest post for her, I was more than thrilled – not only because I love the girl, but because she and I have so much in common. We’re both Canadian (pretty neat, eh?). We both love living a healthy lifestyle. We both love coffee. And we both have an obsession with all things beauty related.

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that my love for makeup probably outweighs my love for food and fitness. I see it as a great outlet for creativity, and I can’t deny that spending a little bit of extra time pampering myself always lifts me up if I’m feeling funky. That being said, life gets busy, and as much as I like to play around with color and wear dramatic looks, sometimes there’s just no time. Let’s be real – no one’s thinking about creating a gorgeous cat eye effect when they’ve slept in past their alarm and have 15 minutes to get their butts out the door. But at the same time, no one likes to look tired and drab either, so I thought I’d share my basic go-to makeup routine with you guys because it only takes all of 5 minutes and makes you feel just a little more glamourous.

First up, skin, and more specifically, the skin around your eyes. Tired eyes make you look extra tired, so brightening up the area around your eyes works wonders in making you look more vibrant and awake. If you suffer from dark circles, use a salmon colored concealer to neutralize the darkness before following it up with a brightening concealer. For this, I love Bobbi Brown’s corrector in Bisque, and Maybelline’s Dream Lumi concealer in Radiant.

Bobbi Brown Concealer

Maybelline's Dream Lumi

Now to even out the skin tone on the rest of your face. Here, I’d really recommend looking in to a BB cream. Not only does it act as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunscreen, but it’s lighter than a traditional foundation so you don’t have to deal with that thick and cakey feeling all day long. All you have to do is use your fingers to apply it to your whole face and use a concealer in any areas that you feel need a little extra coverage. For this, I’d recommend checking out Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream and Maybelline’s 24-hour SuperStay concealer.

BB Cream

SuperStay Concealer

After that you’ll want to set your liquids with a light dusting of powder to help them stay put, and a blush to add a little bit of color to your face. Try Revlon’s Nearly Naked powder and Benefit’s Coralista blush.

Revlon Powder

Coralista Blush

Next up, eyes. We’re going to keep things pretty basic here with a coat (or two) of mascara and a light, shimmery eyeshadow applied to the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bone. Both steps will help open up your eyes and make you look more awake. After trying out nearly every mascara on the market, I’ve fallen in love with Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ – it’s like fake lashes in a tube in all the right ways.


Finally, lips. Here, you can either go with a nice neutral gloss or something a little brighter if you want to feel a little more glamorous. I was afraid of wearing bright colors on my lips for a really long time, but when paired with a simple eye, a bright lip can make you look so much more put together, and like you spent a lot more time on your look than you actually did. I’d recommend checking out the Revlon lip butters – they have a tonne of gorgeous colors that are a lot more forgiving to apply than lipstick is, and they feel wonderfully moisturizing on your lips.

Lip Butters

And voila! An easy makeup routine that’ll make you look great without requiring you to sacrifice any sleep :)


What are your go to makeup products when you’re in a rush?

Favorite makeup brands?

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  1. foundation and eyeliner – my two must-haves!

  2. Great post! I’m loving Nars tinted moisturizer on the go these days.

    Hope you are doing well Lisa. x

  3. I seriously need to try BB cream. I have heard so many great things about it, and I especially love that it contains 30 SPF. That is awesome!

  4. Great post! Between the two of you, I’ve got two go-to beauty gurus 😉
    I just bought that BB cream recently and I’ve been loving it! I can’t even tell I’ve put anything on my face with that stuff, it feels so light.

  5. Eyeliner is a must have for me, without it I look so sleepy. The Mac mineralize skin finish is one of my fav products.

  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  7. I needed this post in my life :) My make up routine has become shamefully simple, and sometimes I even run out of the house in the morning forgetting to put anything on my face (except my new best friend bb cream) mainly because im bored of my old routine and don’t know how to spruce things up. I love the eye tricks in this post, i’m going to copy them to a T. thanks Amanda!! I hope you have a realllllly speedy recovery Lisa!!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to guest post, hun! Hope you’re well on your way to feeling better <3

  9. i always make sure to use moisturizer followed by concealer and foundation to cover up my acne. Other than that it just depends. I loved your eye brightening tips. I am very afraid of bright color lips and I usually stay neutral.

  10. I am a make up fanatic so I’m super excited about this post! That mascara is my all time favorite. I haven’t used anything else in years!

  11. Great post, Amanda! I used to have really bad skin, and always needed a lot of foundation, but thankfully my skin has finally cleared up, so I think I’ll look into a BB Cream!

  12. Great post!

  13. As a makeup artist, I try to spend as little time applying my makeup in the morning! I really like Bare Minerals Matte powder daily. It gives me good coverage through the day without getting oily…even after a workout! It’s super super light.
    Is that Nars Orgasm blush I spy?

  14. Enjoyed reading this post! My favorite beauty brands are BareMinerals and Mally Beauty.

  15. My go to items are concealer and mineral powder. My fave brands are MAC and Smashbox. I recently tried MACs BB cream and love it but I’d be interested in trying some less expensive brands since theirs is quite pricey. Thanks for the recommendation!

  16. Brittany @ Proteinandpumps says:

    I LOVE BB cream!!! I recently purchased the Garnier BB cream in an attempt to save money and was shocked at how good it is. I still love my Too Faced BB cream but for a third of the price ill stick with Garnier.

  17. Our makeup routine is almost identical! I love benefit’s brightening concealer, but I alternate between that and MAC’s. And I love BB cream too, but I’m currently using Clinique’s CC cream! Its a dream. My skin has decided to freak the eff out recently and so the thicker formula offers more coverage which I’m loving. And AHHH Nars blush. There is no better color. Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  18. I always believe all a girl needs is a good mascara. I wish so bad I could find a lipstick which works for me but it’s a lost cause. Haha!

  19. loving Tarte makeup lately!

  20. Alright Amanda, we seriously use almost all of the same products! Although I recently switched over to the CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara and I’ve fallen in LOVE. It’s the best drugstore mascara I’ve ever tried. If you can find it, I highly recommend it!

    When I’m in a rush I typically do under-eye concealer, BB Cream, blush, and mascara. (:

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