HLS Highlights Day 1

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I can’t believe the weekend is here already. Crazy talk.

Get ready for a picture heavy post!

I’m really happy I  made the decision to head over to Boston on Thursday night. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I quickly ate a dinner I had bought at the airport and passed out, since I had been up since 4.

* I packed little pre-portioned bags mixed with oats, chia seeds, and flax seeds so I could have them for quick breakfasts in the morning. I just ran water through the coffee maker in our hotel room so the hot water could soak up in the oats overnight, and I just picked up a few bananas at the hotel so I could add them in as well. Served with a little protein frosting on top. And it was perfect fuel for the morning. *

I woke up quite early, and decided to get in a little movement, since I had plans to take the next 3 days off. I just did a quick pilates workout in the hotel (I’m still doing the low intense exercise thing at the moment).

I knew there were a few events planned for Friday, and I really wanted to go to both the Flour Bakery meetup and the Whole Foods lunch. I talked to a few of my blogging friends and ultimately decided to attend the Whole Foods lunch, we all met in the lobby to make the walk on over. It was about a 15 minute walk, where I made the bad decision to wear wedges (I just hate flat shoes!).

(From Katie) - the group headed to Whole Foods *

When we got to Whole Foods I was SO excited, like so pumped up it was borderline sad. I’ve never been to a Whole Foods before, since the closest one is over in Vancouver. Come on WF, get yourself over to Victoria!

Anyways, after I finished jumping up and down with joy, we made our way to the salad bar, even though I really just wanted to look around.

* Amy, Min, Katie, and Me – Photo from Min*

I met Amy and Min for the first time and were such lovely and sweet girls! It was such a pleasure to meet you guys:)

This is where my first bound of anxiety came up about food choices. I looked over the items, and started freaking out about certains foods, wondering whether this or that was cooked in oil, how much, all blah eating disorder nonsense. I think I was probably the last one to finish putting my salad together since I was procrastinating adding anything “new” to it. Eventually, I decided, and ate away happily. It ended up being delicious!

* My first Whole Foods salad; with tofu, romaine, kale, roasted zucchini and red peppers, cucumber, edamame, and hummus *

The company was the best part, obviously!

After our meal, Meg, Chelsea, Lindsay, and I decided to walk on over to Newbury Street and do a little shopping. We obviously had to stop off in Lululemon.

Back at the hotel, we all made sure to check in and pick up our swag! It was wonderful.

Tons of samples along with new Reebok shoes! I was pretty pumped about getting a pair of these babys. I went back up to my room to unpack the swag, snack on an apple and a homemade protein bar I brought along, and get ready for dinner that evening.

We didn’t know what the food situation would be like at the cocktail party later on, so a group of us decided to go on over to Figs and try out their dinner. It was a really cute, very small restaurant. Where they made amazing looking pizzas.

I looked at the menu and I’ll be honest in saying my dinner choice was based out of fear of ordering something different and “unsafe”.

I stuck with a salad, dressing on the side, and grilled chicken. I can’t judge the restaurant based on the food choices I made, I mean does a plain salad with grilled chicken taste much different between each restaurant? Probably not.

Everyone else said their meals were delicious though! So, I take that as a good sign.

Poor Heather though, they didn’t have anything vegan so she couldn’t enjoy a meal with us! Anyways, I ended up having a minor (major) freakout over the fact that the chicken was cooked in oil and I ended up asking the server about it. After talking to her and the others, I decided to eat it anyways, even though my head screamed at me to not finish it.

It was so much fun to actually get to sit down with all these ladies and talk about everything. We all got along famously and had such a blast. I knew that we would all connect right away, and we basically blabbed the whole time and I just adored getting to know each of these ladies better. They are all such amazing and kind-hearted people!

After we finished up dinner, we were all set to head back to the hotel for the Cocktail party. More on that next! This is getting way too long!

Do you have a Whole Foods where you live? Favourite things to buy there?:)

What do you usually order when you go out to eat? Or does it depend where you go?

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!

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  1. oh how I love Newbury St. !! I am actually going there on Monday to help my friend find shoes for her wedding.

  2. Looks like you girls had a fab time! Isn’t Boston beautiful? I enjoy reading all of the HLS reflections..and living vicariously through each attendees experiences :)

  3. Babe, I had SO MUCH fun with you! I’m also super glad that I could be across the table from you to support you through your ordering the chicken. <3 I'm proud of you for eating it and getting through dinner. Love you so much babes!

  4. wow it looks like such a fun weekend!! I LOVE KATIE, and I bet all the girls were so fun, and such a blast to meet in person! (in regards to your last post…Lisa you are so beautiful, and I can tell by your posts that you are wonderful and caring in real life! It makes me so sad to read that you have thoughts of being ‘pretty/thin’ enough. I can definitely see how the HLS would be a ‘comparing’ time)
    I think I’m surrounded by WF’s, probably 3 within a 10-mi radius.
    I love going out to eat, I’m on a budget so I don’t go too often :( so I usually go to a specialty place and try their “known for meal” like Wednesday night I went to a fancy Seafood restaurant on the ocean with my brother and had Lobster Ravioli, and this morning I went a breakfast place with my co-worker and had to have the Apple-Crumb pancakes :)
    I hope you have a great weekend ahead girlie!

    • She is such a sweetheart!! Awe thanks Lizzy! It was really hard to deal with at first, but after coming home and reflecting I realize I have a lot to offer and have come so far there is no reason to compare myself to others.
      Oh you lucky girl!! I so wish there were whole foods around here! Ha ha.
      Oh those apple crumb pancakes sound amazing!! Have a great week too pretty lady!xox

  5. I’m so excited to read all your recaps!! I love whole foods salad bar! I buy all kinds of stuff there…. they have great gluten free stuff!!

    • I never got to try any of their gluten free foods! I can’t wait to go back to an area with a whole foods!! I could spend hours in there. ha ha;)

  6. Whole foods and Newbury street are two of my favorite places in Boston! Glad you were able to go to both! I wish I had joined in on the whole foods trip! Looks like it was a fun group of you that went! I’m glad you were in great supportive company at dinner! Eating out will get easier but I totally understand the struggle and am so proud of you for getting through the weekend!

    • I know each time I go out to eat it will be easier on my anxiety levels, I wish we could have explored more together as well! Next time!

  7. I don’t enjoy eating at restaurants even without my ED. Nothing about the experience or food is for me. I certainly wouldn’t have the nuclear meltdown I would’ve had a few years ago but it’s just not an enjoyable experience for me. It might be okay you don’t have a Whole Food there (yet). I don’t think you comprehend the amount of money you will lose at that place on a daily basis, lol. I’ve actually never had their salad bar though.

    • Yah, I honestly don’t even like eating out all that much. I find that I can make not necessarily better food, but foods I’m actually craving. Ha ha, no idea why.
      Very true about Whole Foods! I just sometimes get jealous of all the wonderful foodie finds you get there!

  8. AHH so much fun!! Every bit of this looks like such an adventure–looking forward to part 2 :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Yes to Whole Foods!! I love buying nutritional yeast there because I can’t find it anywhere else!! And all the million kinds of nut butters, but those are a bit pricy…..

    • Ha ha. Surprisingly nut butters were cheaper there than up here in Canada! I was a little jealous of that.

  10. I’m so glad you got to try so many yummy things like that TOFU in your WF salad! It looks so delish. It’s an interesting point you make about not being able to judge a restaurant if you order a grilled chicken salad – I never considered that, but you have a point! Judging a restaurant on its more complicated or specialized dishes definitely would bring about a more accurate “review” – I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for my own purposes :)
    I could tell that the grilled chicken bothered you but I’m proud of you for eating some and for also recognizing the thoughts as irrational. Recognizing is a huge step – at least you don’t see it as the truth!
    And still proud of you about going low-impact on workouts. Yesterday I didn’t do intense cardio and it was bothering me, but I tried to fight it and tell myself it was OK and my body needed to recover from the spin classes I’d done earlier this week.

    • I didn’t even think I liked tofu, but I surprisingly loved that stuff! Guess I need to branch out more often!
      Thanks Caitlin! It definitely helped to get everyone’s support while eating that, as silly as it sounds;)
      I’m proud of you as well! Its hard to give up freedom from our workout routine, but it usually is what our bodies need after so many years of treating our bodies badly!

  11. Whole Foods is a great place, for sure!

    I used to do that–always order the same thing, and then I always wanted what other people had. Now I get whatever the heck I want, and I eat as much as I want/need. It always works out great–because I leave satisfied & not stuffed. We don’t eat out much though, we like eating at home!

    You can do this–you are worth more than awful thoughts about yourself. You are amazing & beautiful Lisa!

    • I definitely prefer eating at home, but it would be nice to go out and order something not based on the fact that its “high calorie” or “unhealthy”. As long as I keep challenging myself, it will happen!
      Thanks Annette:)

  12. I’m glad that you can see that life is too short and you should eat what you want! I eased into this by sharing dishes with friends/family, and now happily dig into whatever I please.

    You look absolutely beautiful and I love your hair as always! x

  13. There is a whole foods in Milwaukee and I totally take it for granted being so close. In college we could walk to it but at that time we didn’t have enough money to shop there :)

  14. That kale salad sounds amazing!! I’m definitely going to try to re-create that one at home. That’s the point of eating out anyways, isn’t it? ;) Also, I wanted to let you know that I am totallyy with you on bringing ‘baggy oatmeal’ (as I call it) – I do this all the time whenever I stay over somewhere for the night, just to have an option. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who uses my oatmeal as a safety [breakfast] blanket :) way to be twins!

    • The kale salad was seriously delicious! Ha ha, so true! I’m always trying to recreate things!
      Good to hear someone else loves bringing baggies filled with oatmeal and such!!

  15. Girl, you look Sooo gorgeous in all the pictures, & I , like everyone else, is smitten with your luscious locks! I need your help , my hair is a train wreck:(.

    Hopefully eating out , experiencing what restaurants have to offer & indulging a bit will get easier with time. Not knowing exactly how food has been prepared can be a little scary for me also- we’d probably enjoy ourselves more if we just chilled the eff out:p.
    Your wholefoods salad looks scrumptious! Iv never been( sniff sniff), but know for a fact I’d go nuts in there and LOVE it, (though my wallet may not, from what I hear .) One day I WILL get to a WF’s!

    I’m really enjoying your re-caps:).

    • I know it will get easier with time, each time I go out to eat. Its the whole dang anxiety before and after thats the worse. But, it only gets better with effort and time!
      Definitely know how you feel over no whole foods, since it was my first time there! I got a little too excited;)

  16. Looks like an amazing weekend!

  17. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog after reviewing the HLS recaps and I felt immediately connected with you as soon as you talked about the whole oil situation. I too struggled with my weight, and lost over 140 pounds on my own. What initially started as a healthier-eating outlook turned into a restrictive vegetarian–> vegan diet. Now, I am struggling with anorexia and it is so good to see that I am not alone with some of the thoughts I have. I used to have similar issues with oil in my foods and would not eat anything that was prepared with it. Although I still do not cook/add oil to any of my foods, and look for lowest oil options while I am out, I wanted to say that you are beautiful and have nothing to worry about. I know it is easier said than done, as I am still struggling with my own fears. I think after losing a significant amount of weight, that fear of gaining will always remain, its just how our relationships must change as well, and instead of looking to food as comfort, look to it as nourishment. Fueling every cell in our body, whether that be oil, butter, milk, etc. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery, and look forward to reading your blog!

    • I am so sorry to hear of your struggle with anorexia. I definitely can relate to you and its definitely not a fun thing to experience in life. Thank you for your kind comment Gen.
      I definitely can relate to the fear of regaining the weight, but the fact is our bodies don’t want to be unhealthy. They want to be healthy so they can thrive! Its just hard to get out of the ED mindset!
      I wish you the best of luck in your recovery as well!!

  18. I completely understand everything about this post. I felt the same way when I was at HLS last year and was SO annoyed with myself when everyone else got their meals and mine looked like the bowlof lettuce I constructed at home. Sometimes baby steps help…like maybe order dressing ON the salad next time, or perhaps have a few slices of bread (is it just me or do restaurants sometimes have the BEST bread…I know Whole Foods has an awesome bakery.) You deserve so much more the constraints ED puts on you. As you always tell me, I am here for you always, supporting and loving you every struggle and every day!!! xoxoox

    • I like the idea of little baby steps! Instead of going full force right away, that way its easier on us mentally. I know that I have to make changes, the hardest part is to act on them. I’ve been getting a lot better with those choices though, which makes me happy!
      Love you CJ!! You deserve much more than the ED puts you through as well!xox


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