How To Make Pumpkin Seed Butter


  • 2 cups of raw hulled organic pumpkin seeds (toasted them in a 350 oven for 10 minutes, until slightly browned)
  • 15 stevia drops (or 1/2 teaspoon)
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice


Take the roasted pumpkin seeds, allow them to cool slightly, and throw them in the food processor – letting them whiz on by for about 15 minutes. Stop every 2-3 minutes to scrape down the sides.

It took a while, but finally the seeds started to resemble into a smooth nut butter.

Have you ever tried pumpkin seed butter?

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  1. Those fall leaves are BEAUTIFUL! I wish we had that kind of color change in Texas during fall :) Guess it’s just another excuse for me to come visit!
    That pumpkin seed butter looks AMAZING! I bet the addition of pumpkin pie spice made it even more awesome! I have some pumpkins in my kitchen right now…I think I know what I’ll be makin this weekend ;)
    Have a great Friday!

    • Yesss, come to Canada:) That would be lovely! I seriously can’t get enough of the pumpkin seed butter. It’s amazing stuff!

  2. That looks so good! How creative! I would never think to make my own pumpkin butter out of the seeds! Awesome idea! I love the holiday scented candles too!

  3. YUM!!! I’ve been wanting to try new butters, this looks good.

  4. Question about your breakfast…. It always looks so good, but have you ever made it without eggs, like a vegan version? I would love to try it but I think I wouldn’t make it through even half the bowl before curling over in pain. Haha. Dramatic. I know :D

    I love nut butters and seed butters. They are the bomb. Haven’t add any in a while, but my absolute favorites are almond butter and pecan butter. If you have never made homemade pecan butter, DO IT. It is naturally sweet and oh so tasty :)

    • Oh, and I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog. I hope you haven’t been nominated before and get a chance to check it out. I personally love surveys and can’t wait to read some of your answers! :)

    • I haven’t tried a vegan version yet, but I will definitely try it out! And see if I can come up with something just as delicious!! Thanks for the award! I’ll check it out and answer those questions! Love those surveys:)

  5. I’ve never even thought of making pumpkin seed butter! YUM!

  6. what a great idea, pumpkin seed butter! have a great friday Lisa!

  7. Hehe I’m already starting to think that it’ll be time to pull out the Christmas decorations soon too! I think I just love that season a little too much. And I can easily spend an hour or 2 sitting in Bux when I have some work today. It really is such a cozy place to be, and I honestly feel like I can get my work done there a whole lot easier. Oh, and no shame about the candle thing… I seriously spend way too much money on candles/teas around this time of the year, but it’s SO needed to keep the chill off.

    • Ha ha. Same here! I am just such a holiday lover, I’m a little like a child. I also love watching those Christmas movies I grew up watching that are made for like 12 year olds ha ha. Same with me, if I’m at home trying to do work it never ends up working out too well, I get too distracted! I’m the same with spending too much money of scents and teas this time of year! I can’t help it.

  8. I eventually got round to grinding up some of the buckwheat groats I had in order to make that breakfast. I liked it! A nice switch-up from oatbran, & it’s good to incorporate different grains into my life.

    I don’t have a food processor, & I’m not going to repeat the same mistake I made when trying to make sunbutter in my magic bullet:p. Yeah, doesn’t work. But I do have this jar of raw mixed seed butter that’s been sitting in my kitchen cupboard, unopened , for like a year. I don’t know what to do with it, & got it in my head i won’t like it, hmm.

    I think this comment( ok , all my comments) are tangent-ful enough:).

    • That’s how I feel too, I’m always thinking its a good idea to change up the grains every now and then! Oh yes, I don’t think a magic bullet would do the best for blending nuts;)

  9. Yes! The fall leaves are so pretty that I just want to snap pictures everywhere while I’m driving around. Guess that wouldn’t be all that safe though ;)

  10. Love the idea of making your own nut butter with pumpkin seeds! I have yet to actually buy a pumpkin and carve I will def save the seeds and make my own nut butter!!

  11. That IS the ultimate Fall treat! yumm!

    I think you’re so awesome for being domestic like that!

  12. For the pumpkin seed butter did you grind up the shells along with the actual seeds? It looks really yummy btw!!!

    • No, I changed the post and realized I wasn’t too descriptive on that! The seed were de-shelled! I don’t know how they would be if the whole seed went in… Oh man, it is truly awesome!

  13. oooo, now this I gotta try!

  14. I’ve never had pumpkin seed butter-but yours looks so amazingly delightful! Thanks for sharing, and I am going to jump on the super low-calorie-hating bandwagon here!

    Kristen @ bakingblissful

  15. Lovely pictures Lisa, the fall leaves are so pretty… a majority of the leaves are bright, beautiful warm colors right now :) I don’t eat pumpkin seeds too often, mostly because I forget about them! They are certainly tasty though, and now I feel compelled to try them out in nut butter form, thanks for the idea madam
    I hope you didn’t mind me commenting yesterday on the low-cal post.. that particular person really irritated me though! Like I said, she can do what she wants, but why in the heck post about it on your bog or anyone else’s like it when it’s clearly the wrong thing to say!? ugh. Anyway, rant over :)

    • Thanks you Tessa! I know, I honestly forget about them all the time! Even though they sell them all year round. And they are even tastier in nut butter form. But, all nuts are in my opinion;) Of course I didn’t mind at all! I think its important for people to realize those amounts are NOT normal! And we shouldn’t try and live off those small amounts of calories.

  16. Pumpkin seed butter sounds delish!! I need to try that! I have been wanting an ugi ball!!! jealous…. ;)

  17. Oh how I miss the fall leaves :( Pumpkin Seed Butter?? Oh my heavens, it sounds delicious girl!

  18. Ohh give me some of that pumpkin seed butter!! YUM!! That looks soososo good. Starbucks in the fall is my FAVORITE time to enjoy some warm coffee!

  19. That pumpkin seed butter sounds awesome! I would love to try making that… if only I had a big food processor to make it. :P

  20. You are so creative, babe. Seriously – that pumpkin seed butter looks incredible!!!

  21. Ooh Ugi ball, intriguing, and a goofy fun name to boot! Yay to taking fall walks. I have been making an effort to be outdoors more too during this gorgeous weather. Yes it’ll be too cold soon! Yesterday I took a little walk around town in my SKIRT. How could it be that I was out in that skirt in October?! I was basking in how grateful I felt! Such a good feeling. Also what a good idea to put pumpkin pie spices in your coffee. Ummm you would.

    • Ha ha. I know the name is so fun to say. Even though I have no clue if I’m even pronouncing it right. Probably not. Its so hard to not stay outdoors with the gorgeous weather! Wow! I can’t believe you were out in a skirt, actually about a week ago I was able to leave the house in a skirt, now its getting a little chilly, but I can still manage some of the time. Yay! So happy to hear you were basking in that grateful feeling. You deserve it!! Of course I’d put pumpkin pie spice in my coffee. I have an addiction. Like I think it could be a real pumpkin addiction.

  22. I’m afraid I have the same candle problem. I had a VERY exciting week but unfortunately I cam’t talk about it yet ; )

  23. Yum! Pumpkin seed butter on pumpkin seed bread sounds unreal! Love fall walks! It is the best time of year for walking

  24. No WAY?! Pumpkin Seed Butter?!?!?! Lisa, you are a genius. :D


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