I just wanted to give a little shout out and big thanks to Rita of the Blog Genie, who is absolutely fab, and hooked me up with this amazing new design and header. If you are looking for someone to fix up your blog, go to her. She is so sweet and helpful and a pleasure to work with!

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  1. Love the wedges! I think it looks goo with heels too and it also depends on what shirt you wear. Yum, I’m going to have to try that muffin!

  2. You look gorgeous! Where are your wedges from? Love love love!!

  3. The new header looks great! I think you can definitely pull off the leggings look. I wish I could but not with this booty lol. Although I do wear legging when working out only or with a sweater that covers my bum. I wore a pair of Chanel wedges that look almost identical to the ones you wore and then I walked in them too long, got a blister. It’s funny how I can wear some stilettos all day but then I put on a comfy-looking pair of shoes and I get a blister. Have a good day!!

    • Haha thanks girl! Omg Chanel wedges I would kill for those! Mine are just from aldo, not as glam for sure! Same with some of my shoes, the sandals give me the blister and not the 4-inch stilettos ;) weird how that happens!

  4. You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I love the outfit :)

    I eat so similar to you and love me some greek yogurt after a sweat sesh with a bit of protein powder in it!! YUM!!!!!


  5. oh my gosh, manmakers are TOUGH! But in a good way! :)

  6. Your shoes are SO cute!!! And so are you…love the outfit. You make me miss my long hair :(

    And I LOVE manmakers! They are on of my favorite moves!

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