Power of Positive Thinking

There are many days in life where I struggle with stressors, especially recently. Realizing my body is not healthy is a sad fact to face, especially when I try and nourish my body to the best of its ability with healthy foods and fitness.

It’s not fun to face the cold hard truth that despite my efforts to appear healthy, I am not. The eating disorder has placed a lot of mental struggles in my life, but I won’t let these things effect my outlook of positive thinking.

The body and mind are more connected than we can begin to understand. When we place negative beliefs, and angry thoughts into our minds, our bodies will feel these negative emotions and simply won’t feel as good.

I truly believe that a positive mind and thoughts will make a happier and healthier body. And that our thoughts have a lot of power over how our bodies act and respond.

When I focus on the bad things happening, my thoughts worsen, and I struggle more. I also will notice that “bad things” keep happening. It’s because I am focusing more on the negative things in life. When I switch it around to all the positive things happening around me, I feel like beautiful things are occurring and that there is so much good out there.

I have so much  to be thankful for; loving parents, food in my frige, a roof over my head, and many more.  I chose to not focus on the negative because it means I struggle more mentally and physically. I put a smile on my face and know that there are better days out there.

I know that know everyday is not going to be perfect, and I won’t pretend that these negative days don’t exist. For every struggle you overcome you become a stronger person out of it. You live and you learn from your experiences. I believe everything will get better if you believe in the possibility that things will get better.

It is possible for things to turn around and your situation will get better. I take out negative words from my vocabulary, like “I can’t” or “I’ll never be able to…”. Sometimes I slip and these thoughts happen, but the beauty of positive thinking is that we have the power to change these thoughts for the better.

Start seeing the beauty in everyday life. Change a negative thought into a positive one. Shifting these thoughts relax the body (less stress) and change our moods. Your energy increases by imagining and choosing what life would be like healthy, instead of basing that choice on your fear of being unhealthy.

Even the smallest changes you make equal a big step in the future and the successes you will have. The way you perceive yourself is everything.

Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

Name one positive thing about your life.

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  1. Positive thinking – SO powerful. Also, I think stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and surrounding oneself with positive, uplifting, and fun people and friends is essential :)

    • Very true! I definitely agree that gaining more positivity in life means stepping outside of the comfort zone! Something I’m working on now!

  2. Wait – creamed coconut?? WHat?? THat could be good as creamer in coffee!! I’m a huge believer in positive thinking… Last weekend I was feeling super crappy (thank you alcohol) and on Monday I woke up and was like I’m going to have a GREAT day no matter what. (kind of cheesy but it worked!!!)

    • Its kind of like coconut butter texture, so not quite for coffee;) ha ha.
      Oh alcohol always makes me feel icky the next day, its usual worth it though!
      Hey, cheesy works and that’s okay!

  3. I believe in the power of positive thinking for sure. I think we imagine our own future and then create it for ourselves. There are always road bumps, but if I keep your eye the good things ahead, then I always end up where I wanted to be.

    Stay positive girl xoxo

    • I agree with that statement! Of course we will have bumps along the way, but we have to believe in ourselves!

  4. Great post Lisa! I truly believe that positivity has the ability to change lives! It’s all about perception and how you see the world! I am trying to work towards a more positive attitude each and every day! Thank you for the reminder today!

  5. I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking, and also the unfortunate power that negative thinking has and the way that it can make you feel physically bad. I have been struggling with that the last couple of weeks. It’s so hard for me to fight and stay positive but I try to do what you said – be grateful for what i have, like a roof and loving parents, and also look forward to and do things that I know will make me happy and feel at peace!

    • Oh yes, I’ve gone through the craziness of the negativity spiral and its definitely not an easy thing to get out of. Just take each day as it comes and seriously meditation helped a lot with changing my mindset!

  6. Great message in this post, Lisa :) I think that positive thinking is so important and can have a huge impact on our health and general quality of life. Solely focusing on all of the negative aspects of our life makes things seem a lot worse than they are and makes us overlook the fact that we really do have a lot to be grateful for. There are times where I struggle with being positive, and have to make more of a conscious effort, but I’m extremely grateful to have a loving family, friends that care about me, the opportunity to do what I love, my health (even if it still could use some improvement), and I’m sure I could come up with several more. I think we can always find something to be happy about in any situation, and that the ability to be able to do that truly is a blessing.

    • I agree completely. It took such a toll over my life when I had such a negative mindset about everything, I was in a serious depression. Not fun!
      It definitely takes more of an effort to view things positively, but its so worth it. We all have something to be happy over!:)

  7. Lisa, you are so insightful. This post is wonderful for me to read today.

    Yeah, I do believe in the power of positive thinking.

    One positive thing about my life is the love I have from my husband! And today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!

  8. You’ve given me a bunch to think about in this post Lisa. And alighted to me something I could really work on , & benefit from. Even when I consciously try to keep my thoughts positive, negative ones seem to interupt my brain, all day long:/. I guess negative thinking is a habit I’ve had for a very long time, & like any habit, it will take time & effort to turn around.
    I’d barely given a thought to how thought processes actually affect my daily life at all, until great posts like this come my way. Being more mindful of these things definitly seems like it could lead to an all round happier life.

    I’m a tad excited, about the fact that you’re a tad excited for that creamed coconut! I can’t wait to see what you do with it, so I hope you’ll share:).

    • Negative thinking is a lot harder to break then most people think. I suffered from depression on and off for about 5 years, before I was really able to take control of it. It took a lot of maturation and a lot of work as well. But once I was ready to implement the work then the positive thinking came easier as time went by.
      I will obviously share:) I’ve been thinking about recipes to use it in!

  9. I love this because I so agree, positive thinking really does trump a lot of the struggles that we all face. I know the power of positive thoughts can transform a mood or attitude I have.

  10. I LOVE positive thinking! It is THE way to enjoy life :) Love that last quote–she was an awesome lady.

  11. I love this post. Positive thinking is so essential! When I focus on positive thinking, it calms me, decreases stress, and I feel so much more alive!

  12. Yes, positive thinking is powerful! Lisa, you are SO beautiful and I hope you know that. Don’t let your mental struggle bring you down. I hope you overcome it. :)

  13. you know i do! power of our thoughts. They can be a stronghold in our lives or they can be used for strength. Our choice. We must TRY OUR HARDEST to stay positive, i believe in the end it will happen naturally. Yes?

    love the coconut brand.

    • Yes, I know you agree with me on this one!:)
      I think that it will happen naturally as well, if we live everyday in that positive mindset soon we won’t have to work for it at all!

  14. Positive thinking really can make such an exceptional difference! I know when I start brooding and really dwell on the negative, it’s hard for me to shake out of that mental attitude. But it is possible and then when you keep the positivity flowing, everything is just better :)

  15. Stephanie says:

    Hi Lisa :)
    Well, I know if I had coconut cream I’d try the Purelytwins’ coconut ice cream recipe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LUV-ewwTuM

  16. I agree that life is what you make of it. Creating a positive vision and thinking positively about what you want to create is important …..then you must take action, so your thoughts and actions are in sync. That’s when the magic really happens!

  17. I truly do believe that positive thinking can change the outcome of your day, month, or year. A smile will get you a long way in life, compared to a frown. Everyday is a new day, so why not embrace the life you’ve been given, and see things on the happier front than the opposite.

    • Yes, agreed on everything you said Jessie! It can completely change the outcome of almost anything we’re presented with!

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