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The Update | Lisa Lately

The Update

So, where to start? I feel like I have so much to say, but I’ll try not to bore you all to tears and sum it in the best way I can. The blog will be getting a much needed update. Changes in life and on this blog will include…

1. Less focus on “healthy living” posts. I am no longer as “passionate” as I once was about food and healthy living. I am putting passionate in quotations because for me, I believe I was confusing obsession with passion. It took a lot of work for me to really see that my passion is not in the health or fitness industry.

I will always have an interest in it, but because of my past, I think I had been confusing the two. I became way too focused with health. Thinking, looking, making, talking, and writing about food and my health. There’s a lot of hours in the day and I don’t want mine filled up with food or the healthiest next best thing for me to eat.



This being said, I will occasionally share a recipe that I made that I enjoyed, but will not longer be placing my blog in the “healthy living” category.

Over the past few months, I’ve discovered I prefer going out with friends, instead of taking an extra hour at home to make my Lunch. And that if the best part of my day is eating Breakfast, it’s not going to be the fulfilling life that I want to be living. I started obsessing over blogging, writing, and stopped living my life. There’s nothing wrong if you’re truly passionate about it, and love to do it…but for me, that focus has changed.

2. No longer sharing daily eats/What I Ate Wednesday posts. I never realized how bad my eating habits were until I looked back on them. I seriously cringed at how I came across and just how disordered I was, although I didn’t see it. For myself, taking photos of my meals is just too obsessive.

These used to be my favorite posts to read, but I noticed myself comparing and getting triggered. I know the intention of these is to not compare, but honestly, it’s not that realistic. Especially for me.

I also felt I wasn’t sharing a true view of what healthy living “should” be. Looking back, I wasn’t eating enough, and still do struggle with keeping my calories up and I don’t want to be giving young and impressionable minds the wrong idea about what healthy eating is. Not that everyone is doing this, but for me, my mindset was not in the healthiest place and I’m sure my diet was honestly not the best example of healthy living.

I’m no professional in then nutrition field, I’m just recovering from an eating disorder, so I’m probably not the best to be dishing out nutrition advice anyways. I guess I could’ve simplified this by stating I’m just no longer comfortable sharing my eating habits or daily eats.

a balanced diet

**To clarify, I am not at all bashing others for sharing their passion in food or recipes, or healthy living. I mean, I still read a ton of healthy living blogs and love them. This is just no longer where my passion resides. And for the fact that I still do struggle with some leftover eating disorder habits that I no longer feel comfortable sharing. And I apologize in any way if you were put off by some of my posts in the past, or even tried to comment/e-mail me in attempts to help me. (I was clearly in a state of denial when I first read those messages, instead of seeing them as advice).

3. You may be wondering what I will be writing about (or maybe not)

So, the big change in my life is that I’ve decided to move and attend a professional Makeup Artistry School to become a professional Makeup Artist (if that wasn’t at all obvious). I’m just a little excited considering it’s the top rated school in Canada.

I know from speaking to others that becoming very successful in this industry is going to require a lot of insane hours, and a ton of hard work, but I’m so prepared to be involved in all the craziness in this industry because this is truly what I want to do.

It’s funny, growing up my friends always said they could see me as a Makeup Artist, but I dismissed that because I wanted something where I could earn lots of money. Like that time I wanted to be a lawyer…fail. I tried criminology, psychology, nutrition, and fitness and with all those endeavours, I never felt like any of them were the “right fit” for me.

Instead, I decided to not put my focus on the money and instead follow my passion, which is in the beauty industry after all. I still love blogging and writing, and knew there was a way to combine my passion for writing with my new career in the beauty industry. I think this blog will be a perfect fit for helping me in the career I will be working in.

I’ll be attending school this year and my blog will become more of a beauty/makeup blog, with lifestyle type posts sprinkled in. I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, dupes, tutorials, reviews, and of course any requests you may have, I have lots of ideas already! I completely understand if you no longer want to read because of this change, but I hope some of you still will.

I can’t wait to share real professional tips and tricks and not just posting things as a self taught artist. Not that there’s anything wrong with being self-taught, but you get a lot more experience and more educated in the field which I’m pretty pumped about. I am so thrilled to be spending more time perfecting my skills and helping others find their desired looks.

This has been a long work in progress. I’ve talked with makeup artists, different schools, companies, basically anyone in the industry, and know in my heart I am finally doing what’s right for me. I want to work in a job I love, not one I dread going to each day. And I’m so excited to share this new journey with you.

Until things are more settled in my life, I won’t have too much time to post here, but I promise I won’t stay away too long. And will update you more often. You have no idea how excited I am for my future, and I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve felt this way in such a long time. It feels amazing to be passionate about something once again, just when I was starting to think I may never find my “calling”, I feel like I have. That seems rather dramatic, but it’s true.

I’ve missed you all so much and am so glad to be back!

So tell me, what have you been up to lately?!

How was your weekend? I was pretty bummed we got our first day of snow which lasted a measly 2 hours. No polar vortex over here. That was a sad day. I just want one snow day this Winter. Okay, I really need to end this post now.

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  1. Welcome back, Lisa! I’ve missed you girl – and so happy to hear you’ve found your true passion. Everyone goes through an adjustment time in their life, and I think it’s so great you decided to take a step back (from blogging), and really focus on YOU! The above photo is gorgeous. Come to Kuwait and be my personal stylist maybe? :

  2. I am so glad you are back! What ever you choose to blog about will be wonderful. Beauty and make-up will be great and fun to read since I usually don’t read blogs in that category. I am looking forward to it! Congrats on the new journey and career path too! 🙂 XOXO

  3. wow Lisa, I a m so proud of you for not only realizing this but moving forward. that is a huge step and one I am so happy to see come from you. and your school sounds like a great opportunity and one you will certainly thrive at. i think this time was perfect for you so congrats!!

  4. Reading this makes me SO happy for you, Lisa! I’m sure you didn’t have the easiest time writing this post but I’m glad you did. There seems to have been such a lot of exciting change and many great realisations about your true priorities and likes. No matter how much I enjoy reading healthy living blogs – and like you I really do – I’m looking forward to your changed focus. Who knows? You might very well teach me a thing or two [a lot, actually] about make up.
    On a last note I think it’s awesome you’re going with your passion not making money a priority. Can’t wait to hear more about this new journey in your life!

    • Thank you!!!
      It definitely was super hard for me to write, even publishing it, not going to lie I was quite anxious ha.
      I appreciate your support so much!

  5. i’m so proud of you. First, you are going for your REAL passions and dreams. And second, you recognized when to step away and face those other demons. that takes STRENGTH! so glad to see you back stronger and healthier! way to be real and encourage

  6. So proud of you!!!! Good for you for going after what you love. I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well and are healthy and happy! Welcome back 🙂

  7. I’ve got such a huge smile on my face right now – I’m so happy for you lady!! It sounds like you’ve done a lot of re-evaluating the last couple of months and you’re really following your passions. You as a makeup artist? Absolutely perfect!
    And I know it’s not easy to admit that you’ve been struggling with disordered eating, but I’m proud of you for recognizing that there still was a problem and taking steps to fix it.
    I’m excited to see how things go for you the next couple of months – again, I think you’ve made some amazing decisions. <3

    • Thank you, thank you Sam! Your comment put a big smile on my face! Considering I was so nervous about posting this, all this positivity I’m receiving is making me see how silly I was being before worrying about it all.

  8. you go girl 🙂 I am so glad you are enjoying your life, health, and food in general rather than being obsessed about it. I cant wait to see all the progress 🙂 always be reading your posts, no matter what direction you take it to.

  9. I’m so proud of you girl!!! I’m proud that you are finding yourself and following your passions. I’ll be here to cheer you on all the way!

  10. 😀 Seriously doing happy dances for you over here, girl! You know I’m an absolute nut for makeup and beauty, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of that on your blog. And it’s so great to hear that you’ve been able to really figure out what you want and let go of some of those past bad habits. Eeee! I think I’m going to go ahead and text stalk you now <3 <3

  11. CONGRATS! I’m so excited to hear all your tips about makeup. I certainly need advice in that department. I’m so happy for you following your passion and doing what makes you happy. That’s wonderful! 🙂

  12. I’m so happy you’re back, Lisa! First of all, congrats on the decision to become a makeup artist! Please learn a lot and then come do mine 😉 Second of all, I’m so happy you’re going to be posting things besides HLB updates. I’ve been trying to find new non-HLB blogs to read because I have been getting upset with the WIAW and other unhealthy comparisons. Can’t wait to see where this new journey takes you!

    • I’m so happy to be back! I’ve missed blogging so much! Haha, I will totally come and do your makeup!;)
      I’m also happy to hear you’ve been looking for other blogs besides Healthy living ones, since mine will be transferring very soon! I’ve got to re-do all my about me pages and all that which I didn’t realize was such a time suck hah. Thank you for your sweet words!

  13. Thanks so much for the update! It sounds like you’ve figured a few things out, and I’m happy for ya. What have I been up to? Hmmm… baby stuff. #lame

  14. This all sounds wonderful Lisa!! I am so happy for you amd I wish you allll the best for this exciting journey. I know this is right for you!! I can not wait for ypur beauty posts. Welcome back!!

  15. Firstly, welcome back lovely! And good on you for realising you need to do what feels right for YOU – not what you’ve always done or what you feel people expect.

    How exciting about the makeup artistry school – my sister is just out of high school and wants to do the same thing, only she’s very much into costume makeup (and scarily good at it!)

    • Thank you Kristy! That’s awesome about your Sister. She should totally go for it! Especially if she’s already got the talent for it – that’s pretty much the best thing you can have for that career!

  16. Congratulations on everything!!
    I just started my college and was really unsure if it was the right move. I totally understand the not knowing your calling part. I am so glad that you have found what you really want to do and a school to learn it at!!
    I will continue to read your lovely blog, even though I don’t wear makeup. When I do, I will have some really great ideas 🙂

    • Thanks so much Am! I think the toughest thing about college is choosing from everything they offer! I seriously was so overwhelmed looking at everything, and had about 18 different careers in mind.
      So happy to hear you’ll still be reading:)

  17. AHH I am so excited and happy for you!! This direction is PERFECT for you, your makeup and beauty skills are already amazing, I can’t even imagine how you’ll be with some school!! PERFECT!! So glad you had a good time away, and rediscovered what you want to blog about!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!

    • You are the SWEETEST! Thank you for your kind words, always!
      I am SO gosh darn excited about this new adventure. I kind of can’t wait!!

  18. I am SO happy for you! I think going to school for make up is absolutely perfect for you – I mean, hello? Your make up always looks amazing. I’m so glad you’ve found your calling in life! 😀

    Also big hugs for coming to the realization that you were still struggling with your eating. I know that’s not easy to admit, but I’m glad you’ve realized it and can now move forward. If you need to chat at all, shoot me an email!

    • Awe, thanks Chelsea!! And thanks for the offer to chat as well. I definitely may need to at some point. I still have my high and low moments when it comes to all this recovery stuff. I think parts of blogging made it easier to stay stuck, but other parts helped a lot. I just needed a little push to keep moving on and make some good choices for my future. Miss you!

  19. girl so happy for you!! always listen to your heart and do what is best for you. Makeup school sounds amazing!

  20. I’m so glad you have found such a god balance, I agree that thinking and writing about health so much can be seriously draining after a while. My blog and writing has evolved as I have, and I notice that I no longer think about taking a photo of every meal, or what I am going to say about the meals I eat. I am so excited for you and your new career journey, I just know it is going to be so wonderful for you!

    • Yah, I’m pretty glad to be past that point now, because it was exhausting not only to myself but in my social life as well. And well, that’s just sad if I chose blogging over hanging with friends. Thankfully, things seem to be a much better balance now.
      Thanks so much Gina!

  21. So glad you are back! I’m also so happy to hear that you are taking steps in a healthy direction. Can’t wait to read your make-up posts!

  22. Great to see you posting again, and now about stuff that you are really truly passionate about :)!!! So happy to see you making these steps forward in your life!! And by the way, your makeup does always look fantastic, so it really is fitting for you to pursue makeup artistry.
    I have been myself somewhat getting into taking food pictures, but I too find it slightly bizarre, and won’t do it if people are around lol. I like to talk more about other things I enjoy, such as music, because there really is only so much you can say about food…Plus, I’m no chef, so my eats are never really that amazing.
    However, I have never been ashamed of my food when comparing it to other people, but good for you realizing that it was not good for your health mentally!

    Anyways, I am very excited to see what type of makeup posts you have in store! I think that reviews are definitely very helpful in general. Also, would you ever consider doing fashion posts? Clothing and makeup hauls? Makeup look of the day? I’m just shooting out ideas here, but I’m sure you already have plenty 🙂

    Have a great day


    • Thank you so much Natasha! I’m so excited to start this new experience in my life, I can’t wait to get started!
      Haha, it definitely can be a bit bizarre at first, especially explaining it to people! But, if it’s a passion of yours, I totally say go for it!
      But as you said, there is so much more to talk about! I totally will do more fashion type posts, hauls and makeup looks of the day! Thank you for your suggestions!! Definitely writing those down, and will have some planned out:)

  23. Welcome back! Holy shhhhh, I am SO dang happy for you. It takes a lot of strength and bravery to write a post like this. It’s amazing that you’re following your passion… And now you can teach me how to do makeup ;). You should definitely start a YouTube beauty channel!!

    Love ya girl, and it’s great to have you back <3.

    • Thank you Carly!! It definitely was hard to write this post, I was a little scared some people would take it the wrong way, but so far everyone has been super supportive which makes me really happy. I think I am definitely going to start a you tube channel! I just need to figure out how to set up my camera ha. And then I’ll be good to go.
      Missed you<3

  24. Congrats!! I’m so not surprised you are going into makeup!!!! That is SO your calling!! Ok now post lots of tutorials on how to apply it because uhhh I need help lol. And then come to St. Louis and do my makeup. Mmmk? 😉

    • Thank Lindsay!! Haha, I will most definitely be posting some tutorials on my site!! I just need to learn a few more things about actually filming, it’s harder than it seems ha.

  25. Lisa so happy to see you writing again! I cannot believe you are going to the top Makeup Artistry school in Canada; that is amazing. I love makeup so of course I will continue to read your blog! And I’ve gotta admit whenever you posted about your fave M.A.C lipsticks I always got a little excited so now that your blog is going to have even more Im ecstatic! It takes a lot of courage to write a post like this and can be incredibly hard to step back and realize healthy living for you was more of an obsession than a passion so congratulations.

    I have to agree with you; I am totally bummed the snow didn’t stick around here either. I had high hopes when I woke up this morning and looked outside and then about an hour later it started raining. Hmph, typical Port Alberni.

    • Thank you Lyric! I’m excited you’ll still be reading along here! And that makes me happy that you like seeing those types of posts as well! I was nervous about making the switch, but everyone is being super supportive about it, which just makes me more excited.
      Haha, I know. SO bummed about having no snow yet! So typical over here.

  26. Good for you for listening to your heart Lisa. You obviously have a true passion, you are working towards it, and the Universe is corresponding to your needs. Belief in yourself and in your dream. Why wait any longer… 🙂

  27. Lisa… I am SO proud of you. You are a gorgeous,sweet woman and 100% deserve to follow your passion and be unchained from thing that were weighing you down.

    If you ever need a practice, can I be your “dummy”? 😉

    • Awe, thank you so much for that Laura!!
      I would totally be down to use you for a makeup model:) If I ever head down your way, I’ll let you know 😉

  28. So glad to see you back! I have always thought that your makeup is always super beautiful and flawless, so to me this seems like a perfect fit. I’m so happy for you and excited to read upcoming blog posts from you. I can always use help in the makeup department. 😉

  29. Oh my goodness…I’m in tears. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous but it’s because every single thing you talked about in this post is EXACTLY what I went through over the past year. Realizing that my “passion” for healthy-living was merely a manifestation of obsession was a really eye-opening experience for me and it changed everything. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you discovered the same thing.
    What you said about going out with friends instead of prepping food is dead-on. That’s how it should be- that’s living! And surrounding ourselves with amazing people and new experiences is what makes life so enjoyable.

    I’m really proud of you, Lisa. For taking the break you needed, for opening up about these changes, and for making the decision to study makeup. You’re an amazing lady and I know you’re going to be extremely successful in that field! I can’t wait to follow the whole journey. (:

    • It does not sound ridiculous at all. Especially considering you have first hand identified with these exact things I’m going through! It’s such a freeing feeling to finally be beyond obsessing over my past disorder, and truly want to begin living life the way it was meant to be lived! And I know you can relate to that, which makes me happy. It really is an eye opening experience!
      Thank you so much Emily, for all those lovely words, you are so sweet!

  30. Hi Lisa,
    I don’t think I’ve commented on your blog before, but I used to read it for a few months until your recent break from blogging. Anyway, just wanted to say, what a great post. It takes a lot of courage to write something like this, I really admire and commend you for your honesty. And I hope this post will have a positive influence on people reading who might be in a similar place, including other bloggers. But more importantly, it’s wonderful that you’re in a better place and have been spending time and energy on people and things that matter to you. Sounds like you have an exciting journey ahead of you. I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Agnes!! It definitely was a tough post to write for me! I was really afraid it would be perceived wrong, but so far everyone has been so kind which makes me relieved!
      I really hope this post can help others too, if they are in that position. I truly thought it was normal that I was thinking about food and clean eating so often, but in fact, it’s not and it’s pretty disordered. And once I got out and started living, and hanging with other people in the real world, did I realize this and it really made me want to change.
      I appreciate your comment so much! And thank you!

  31. Lisa! So great to see you posting again, welcome back! And CONGRATS on the move and new chapter in your life! I totally see you as a kick butt makeup artist and I always enjoy reading your beauty posts. You for sure still have a reader here! Good luck with the transition! 🙂

    • So happy to hear you’ll still be reading! Thanks Heather!
      Hope you’re doing well, I’ve missed you while I’ve been away!<3

  32. Lisa! Congratulations on making the decision for change and betterment in your life. So proud of you. And how exciting about the new program. You are the perfect fit for makeup artistry…and seriously, your friends who’ve told you that in the past are SO right! I actually can’t wait to follow your blog with a beauty focus!!!! <3

  33. How I didn’t see this post until now…I don’t even know!! It didn’t show up in my blog feed, but I’m so happy I clicked over to your blog this morning nonetheless. I’ve missed you and were wondering how you were doing. I think it’s amazing and commendable that you’re following and recognizing your true passion in life. I’m sincerely so happy and excited for you!! I’m also REALLY excited about your blog being a beauty/make-up blog! I love that kind of thing and I can’t wait to read all your tips and tricks. CONGRATS friend, and I’m SO glad you’re back!!! 🙂

  34. Thank you so much for sharing! I am in the same transition, trying to shift my focus away from everything “healthy.” I used to only listen to healthy living podcasts and read health blogs, this week I have been listening to fun podcasts and reading beauty and design blogs. It has been so refreshing, I am less judgmental of myself and my daily behaviors.

    • I totally used to be the exact same way Aubrey! I’m so glad that you are seeing a lot of improvements! It really is refreshing once we focus that mindset, eh? I’m really feeling a lot better about myself in general now that I’ve made the switch!

  35. I just found your site today, Feb 25, as someone from the Weight Watchers board sent a link to a recipe. I noticed a number of your recipe links didn’t work so started to look around. You are a young beautiful woman and should follow your passion and dreams. If it works out that you make a living with that passion, halleluiah! If not oh well at least you tried and can move on to something else if you chose. But if you don’t follow your passion, one day you will be over 50 and wonder “what if.” I don’t know you, but somehow I think you will accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

  36. You’re amazing for posting about all this & realizing what is best for YOU. Way to live the life you’ve always wanted! So proud of you! And congrats!!!

    by the way, the place beyond any eating disorder is so amazing, I am so grateful for my recovery and the way it was a springboard into an incredible life for me. So I am so happy for you!! <3

  37. Hi Lisa, wonderful, I am so happy for you and so very proud of you.
    It’s a huge step for you and you will do amazing.. You are a beatiful woman inside and out.
    Much happiness for you always, and good luck.

  38. LISA!!! I am sooooo late on reading this but I stepped back from blogging as well. Ahh I am so proud/happy/excited for you!!! I’m glad you stepped back and found your true passion. I KNOW you will be absolutely amazing as a makeup artist!! Miss you so much chica, hope we can catch up one day! <3

  39. Corinne says:

    Lisa, I’m a bit late to the party, but I did want to add my two cents in that I’m really happy that you’ve taken this time to reposition yourself – you’re awesome and like a fine wine, you’re just going to get even better x

  40. So late but good on you! This makes sense for you and is probably a very healthy step in the right direction. I hope you really enjoy your studiea!

  41. PS love your hair!

  42. Stephanie says:

    Lisa, just stopped by your blog today. Congratulations on the positive changes you’ve made in your life. I’m really happy for you!!

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