Vegan Cheese Sauce

vegan quinoa and cheeseVegan Cheese Sauce

  • 1/4 cup drained and rinsed chickpeas
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 2 tablespoons cashew butter (optional)*
  • 1/4 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1.5 tablespoons lemon juice
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon turmeric
  • tiny pinch of cayenne pepper

Simply, place all the ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until thick and creamy. If the sauce it too thick for your liking, simply add in a bit more milk or water to smooth it out.

*Also, if you don’t have cashew butter you don’t need it (I just made a batch without it, and it’s equally as good), you could alternatively use tahini.

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  1. I totally thought that sponge was a Mini Egg! Hahahaha.

    LOVE beets – I like them cold, in a salad with goat cheese, fennel, lemon juice & olive oil. MMMM. I make an awesome raw beet pate too. :D

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I hate almost all birds, they are just creepy! Beets are a favorite, I love them roasted or cold on salads.

  3. I think I’m ok with peacocks as long as they stay far away from me…they’re pretty to look at though! If I have an animal fear, it’s spiders. Sooo creepy.

    It’s been so long since I’ve had beets! I usually throw them on salads, they’re really good with goat cheese!

  4. aww thanks sweetie :) HUGS
    we love using our beets in different ways ;)
    we need to get that makeup beauty blender – sounds amazing for us to help blend everything together. thanks girl

  5. I have never tried beets and for some reason they kind of scare me, but I think it’s about time I give them a try!

  6. chimes is my favorite ginger chew brand, that stuff is magical. also so good for your tummy!

  7. I actually can’t eat beets because I’m allergic :/ such a strange allergy I have lol but when I did have them (before the hives and such lol) they were awesome! I’ve heard beet juice is so tasty too

  8. I love that quote, it was exactly what I needed this morning :)

    Love that skirt!! Great purchase. I really want to try those ginger chews. and every single summer i get the urge to die my dark brown hair blonde:) haha if i had blonde hair i would go super light in the summer, but that’s just me :)

    • I think I’ll probably go lighter! Most likely, since it took me foreverrrr to get this color hah.
      Definitely try them next time you’re at the store! I love ‘em.

  9. I use the makeup sponge alot too. It’s great to get around your nose and mouth. My biggest fear is bugs, ewwww.

  10. I’m definitely afraid of some spiders and clowns when I don’t know who the person is behind the mask. If I don’t physically see someone put on the mask and a clown approaches me, I’ll pretty much freak out. Not a fan. I love the skirt! Super cute pattern! Have a great weekend!

    PS. I think your recipe messed itself up a little bit from the bullets.

    • Thanks girl! Guess I have to re-read my post not so late at night! Oops-y.
      Ick spiders are definitely a fear of mine too! Happy Friday lovely!

  11. The beauty blender is magical <3 I've been using it for a few months now and couldn't imagine going back to applying my makeup without it. Talk about a flawless finish. Have you tried using a kabuki brush? Also really great, especially for powders.

    Your peacock story reminds me of the time I was in Hawaii and a peacock randomly flew over the road. We don't have them around here, so seeing one just out and about naturally really freaked me out. I wouldn't say that I'm afraid of em, but birds in general make me pretty uneasy. Snakes, on the other hand… oh man. Terrified.

    • Seriously amazing! Yes! I do have a kabuki brush, since I used to use bare minerals foundation so I’ve been using that for a long time, I love that thing too!

      Hhaa, oh gosh! It was just the worst ever, like how did it get to my neighbors? Everytime I go outside I’m so scared I’ll see it in the backyard. Ick!

  12. Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat says:

    I’m loving the sound of the vegan cheese recipe. I need to give that one a try! Do you think it would work well for mac and cheese?

    I have friend who is deathly afraid of peacocks. Even if she sees a peacock print on something it freaks her out. So weird!

    I totally love ginger! I use it in a lot of things. The ginger chews sound so yummy!

    • Me and your friend sound a lot a like! I can’t stand anything about peacocks. Man oh man, so freaky.
      I think it would definitely work well for mac and cheese! Obviously, it wouldn’t taste the exact same since it’s vegan but it would make a great replacement!

  13. Ginger chews are awesome. So glad you discovered them! I’ve seen the beauty blender before but wasn’t quite sure what it was. I’m going to have to search for one now though! Have a great weekend!

  14. Aah, thanks for the recipe, totally want to try that sauce!!! Is it mean that I had to laugh when you talked about the peacock? I am not a fan of them either, but I think pigeons and crows are even worse, I can not even look at them. I think more blonde would look gorgeous on you – I always think in Summer a bright blonde rocks!!

  15. Oooo yummm that sauce looks amazing! I love my nutritional yeast, so I know I will love it ;) I think your hair would look amazing no matter what you do to it! I say go for it! :D

  16. that sponge sounds wonderful – need to get that into my life. I used to have peacocks in my house and i loved it – its weird how they were wandering around your neighbors though. Beets- I have had it in juice, chips and salads heard it makes great chocolate cake too – havent tried it yet. Beet Fudge def. sounds like a great thing to try. TGIF

    • Ah, so crazy! Yah, it’s super random. There’s some peacock farm kind of close to my house and sometimes they escape, it’s awful. Especially when they wander over to my neck of the woods.
      Haven’t tried the beet chocolate cake either! I so want to though.

  17. Hi, Lisa…longtime lurker, first time poster! I read your post this morning and then was out and about doing errands. I ran into Cost Plus World Market and BOOM! There were those Chimes ginger chews! I bought some immediately and also thought to tell you where I got them from. I live in Chicago….not sure if they have Cost Plus by you. Have a great weekend! Love your blog!

    • Ah, so lucky!!! No cost plus near me :( Sad. I’ve never actually heard of it, but I’ll keep on searching!
      Thanks so much Ann!!

  18. You are like the queen of vegan sauces (and also amazing dresses). I love those ginger chews, but I have never tried the mango kind, I am going to look for those.

  19. I could understand how you fear peacocks – those expanding feathers! That cheese looks goooood! I’ve never tried cashew butter, so maybe this is an excuse to buy some (; I LOVE beetroot so much! I mostly just like it roasted, as that’s how I had it growing up, but I am partial to making chocolate beetroot cake from time to time (;

  20. I have been all about roasted beets lately! I am loving the looks of that cheese sauce! Must try!

  21. Thank you so much for #7! I am putting that on my computer wallpaper as a reminder to treat my body in the healthiest way possible :).

  22. I love beets! Yummy!

  23. Go blonde blonde blonde, you will look so gorgeous :-) :-) I’m a blonde a holic so that’s just my opinion! I love the beauty blender I wet mine before I use it and it makes my face flawless, obsessed!!! Sending you a fantastic start to your week :-) love and shine Courtstar

  24. That makeup sponge sounds really awesome!

    I also love the sound of that cheese sauce, sounds really yum. I love nutritional yeast in anything.

  25. I can’t wait to make this!

  26. is that spinach in your quinoa? If so, do you sauté it first before adding? Or just cook it in the quinoa?


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