Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

strawberry ice cream

Strawberry Ice Cream (single serving, vegan, gluten free, and super duper easy)

  • 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour
  • a little sweetener if desired
  • *a few handfuls of ice (for added thickness if needed)  - optional

strawberry ice cream

- Blend all the ingredients together in a blender of food processor and blend until nice and creamy.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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  1. oh lola, doesn’t she know we need our beauty sleep?! hehe. I need to make this ice cream but don’t have an ice cream maker. Any fixes for that?

    • Haha I know, right ;)
      I didn’t use an ice cream maker either! Just blend first, then freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and blend those together with a little milk and it pretty much resembles ice cream! :)

  2. Well, if Lola would come and wake me up that early I wouldn’t go back to sleep either :-) Still, I couldn’t handle that little sleep! When I am tired, I go to bed earlier (and unplug 30 minutes before bed) or take a nap in the afternoon – or go shopping :-) that makes me forget the tiredness :-)

    • Man, it’s getting a tad brutal! Haha, oh well I’m sure it won’t last too long! Yes, shopping always works wonders!

  3. dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter? YES!!! favorite ice cream flavor is definitely cake batter or birthday cake hehe

  4. Love that recipe! Sounds amazing and you know I love my coconut milk ;)

  5. I swear, Lola gets cuter with every second!!! :)

    Thanks so much for the ice cream recipe. That sounds amazing! My favorite flavor of ice cream is actually very simple: vanilla bean. Though, I also love ice creams that contain chocolate, peanut butter, and/or caramel :).

  6. Ugh, she is SO cute!!!! I’m so glad that someone shares my obsession for coffee <3 haha. Chocolate + almond butter is definitely a match made in heaven.

  7. Chelsa says:

    Your dog is so cute. The green juice you made is such a good combo.

  8. That ice creams looks delicious and the fact that it’s healthy makes it even better!

  9. I love dark chocolate and nut butter. Mmm! Also, that strawberry ice cream looks delish!

  10. I think it depends on how I feel whether I prefer yoga or pilates. There are definitely days where I would choose one followed by a day I’d choose the other! Yay for puppy classes! Those will definitely help with training and, believe me, it just gets better and better :-) Our weather is pretty warm here lately, it’s almost like we’re skipping Spring and going right to Summer. I think it’s supposed to get cooler towards the end of the week but I’m welcoming the sunshine!

    • I’m excited for her training! It’s SO much work! Definitely more than I thought!
      Oh yay, that’s amazing about the weather! Now if only ours would cooperate.

  11. I’m currently imagining that strawberry “ice cream” with dark chocolate pieces all over the top. Chocolate covered strawberry! Is there anything better? : ).

  12. I always do yoga when I’m feeling stressed or calm breathing. Lola is such a doll! My fave ice cream flavour is cookie dough, Yum.

  13. that ice cream looks so refreshing, perfect for this sudden beautiful change in weather

  14. She looks cute enough to make 4:30 wake up times worth it;-) Glad you have an awesome weekend Lisa!

  15. My favorite ice cream has to be Green Tea! It’s not too sweet so I don’t get sick of it fast, and makes such a great palate cleanser.

  16. I love that strawberry “ice cream” recipe! Can’t wait to try it. Personally I’m a pilates/bar method enthusiast over yoga- but I have to admit hot yoga can be the best thing in the world sometimes.

  17. First of all, LOVE that dog.

    Second of all — that vegan ice cream looks so awesome. My favorite ice cream flavor seems to vary on the daily, but I’ve always been a fan of mint chip (or peppermint stick) and rasberry chip.

  18. I am definitely going to try that recipe =D But maybe when it gets slightly warmer! I thing some dark crushed up chocolate needs to be added though ;D

  19. Mmm ice cream. I’m a vanilla girl at heart, but I really love mint chocolate chip and cookie dough as well. I could really go for some ice cream right now, but I’m still working my way through the cupcakes I made for my mom’s birthday this weekend. I’m down to my last one though (sad face!), so ice cream will definitely be on the agenda soon

    Sorry to hear that things have been kind of rough in the sleep department! Mine hasn’t been that great either, which means coffee is definitely a must… as are afternoon naps.

  20. Lola is adorable…and Im totally digging that ice cream. Tea helps me calm down during stress :) Recently I made Toasted Coconut Donuts I love that nail color of yours as always.
    sending lots of love!

  21. I want that ice cream!! With pretzels on top. Sweet+ salty is my jam. :)

  22. When I’m super stressed and tired I either nap or watch something silly on Netflix. I also eat dark chocolate, which I am REALLY craving right now thanks to your close-up ;)

  23. Lots of lovely going on for you! The ice cream looks fabulous. I love the simple use of healthy ingredients.

  24. What a great idea to make ice cubes then blend them into ice cream! Sounds delicious and much like the smoothie (milk shake) I had for breakfast this morning. Frozen strawberries, light canned coconut milk, a few ice cubes and vanilla protein powder. I ran upstairs to grab something while it blended away and when I returned it was a thick, fluffy, milk shake consistency rather than a smoothie. A little airy but delicious!

  25. That ice cream looks delicious! I love pilates, but I have never been able to get into yoga. I get distracted and bored. However, I have never taken a live class so that may be why!

  26. Aww…I hope you’re able to get some more sleep this week! I know how rough that can be.
    This workout sounds killer though- I’m definitely gonna try it!

  27. That creation is so pretty lol… I seriously love the color! Goodness what a workout Lisa, but one I would like to try soon. Especially since it’s mostly about upper body stuff and that is what i’m focusing on right now
    Lola gooo what a beauty she is, don’t stop those pictures from coming :)

  28. That ‘ice cream’ looks uber delicious!

    Get some sleep, girl!! It’s my favorite thing right now:)

  29. ice cream looks heavenly!!
    love the color the strawberries gave it, so pretty!
    favorite ice cream is anything chocolate based :)

  30. Lola is way too adorable. I’m pretty sure I would be driving her nuts (and my readers) by taking so many photos to share, Ha Ha!

    Favorite ice cream flavor… banana with pb cups and crushed pretzels

  31. My eyes shot straight to the Lindt chocolate and almond butter! Umm, yes, very LOVELY indeed!Tonight I ate a few pieces of the sea salt bar with peanut butter and coconut flakes, and it was by far the best thing that entered my mouth all day. :)

    I love the idea of strawberry coconut milk ice cream! My mom used to make a similar homemade version when I was growing up, except it contained buttermilk. Since my tummy can’t handle that right now, this sounds like a perfect alternative! Plus, I love that it’s so easy.

    If you ever decide that you can’t handle that furry 4:30 alarm, feel free to send her my way. I’m not a morning person, but I definitely would be if I was covered in puppy kisses at that hour! She is so cute, I can’t stand it!!

    Hope you had a marvelous Monday, my dear!! Love love love you!! <3

    • You’re the one who inspired that lovely eat!
      Oh gosh, with coconut flakes on top! Sounds heavenly!
      Haha, having her wake me up definitely isn’t the worst thing! As soon as I see her face, I’m happy again!

  32. Heather F says:

    I pinky promise Lola can make it throughout the night without going out. Just limit her fluid intake after 9/10pm and take her out right before you go to bed . I made this same mistake for the first week with my first dog and finally just ignored his whining for about 15-20 minutes and like magic he went back to sleep and we never had a super early morning wake up bark again! Good luck!

  33. Your pup is so cute and I love the name!!! I think when you first mentioned you got her, she was nameless, now I see she has one!

    Dark chocolate and almond butter <3

    Hope your week is great beauty! xoxo


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