because I have a deep and passionate love affair with chickpeas I knew I had to try peasandthankyou‘s recipe for Pumpkin flavor Roasted Chickpeas after seeing it on Kath’s blog recently. This was ideal because I had a baggie of frozen chickpeas leftover from the last Costco can of them I bought!

Roasting chickpeas until they are crunchy brings my obsession to a whole new level. The chickpea lovers club ought to certainly have a meeting to talk about this new cooking method. how ’bout it Rose?
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I chose to make it a whole roasted dinner with brussel sprouts and carrots. I also had a few bites of Ben’s ww mac n’ cheese I made him to choose his dinner.

I think I ought to have cut the carrots into much more of a stick shape. I was going for a “french fry” type of consistency, but they were still very hard. I will try again with a smaller cut and longer baking next time.

My afternoon snacks included a banana smothered with peanut butter.

And a small bowl(s) of cereal. I can never seem to get rid of that pesky “s” that I find each time I type the words “bowl” and “cereal” together.

Dessert, because I am special. x2 (I guess I think I’m really special today.)

Now I need to wrap up the whole “blogging thing” and view The Office! See you tomorrow for a incredible Friday!



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