I had clients from 4pm to 8pm tonight. So I needed a snack that was going to stick with me with my typical dinner time. I was craving something sweet, however likewise eggs (random) as well as chose to integrate the two.

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I Camiseta LOSC Lille made PB&J French Toast! I feel like I’ve made this before, however here’s the step by step in situation you’re into food porn tutorials these days.

Stuffed PB&J French Toast

Start with a routine PB&J… (or your fave nut butter as well as jam sandwich)

Dip into your go-to French toast batter. Mine is eggs whipped up with a dash of milk, cinnamon as well as vanilla extract.

Cook with on both sides.

Serve hot!

I took a few bites as well as realized it was missing something…

Hmmm, what might it be?!

Powdered sugar! Of course. whatever is much better with powdered sugar, no?

I just got home, scarfed dinner as well as dessert Camiseta Athletic Bilbao as well as now am putting together a few workout plans for my peeps. I’ll see ya tomorrow!

In other news, Ben believes I’m a creeper for all the photos I published on the TJ’s should Haves List. I’ve been called worse.



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