On the way home from work I got a crazy guacamole craving. Crazy. So, I swerved into oncoming traffic to bust a U-turn into a local Mexican restaurant’s parking lot.

This is a sit down place so I wasn’t sure if they did take out, but I am shameless and thought I’d try.
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Me, “Can I purchase something for take out?”

Waitress Lady: “Yes.” (Goes to hand me a menu)

Me, “No, I don’t need a menu. This is sad… Can I have an purchase of guacamole?”

Lady (tries not to judge the desperation in my voice), “Yes. That will be $4.08.”

I rapidly paid for my green mush and rushed it home. completely worth it.

Anyways, I thought I’d share because I was embarrassed about my guacamole desire yet would not be stopped.

I piled it on a plate of roasted veggies, organic turkey burgers and chips.

Regarding the title – there is a site called “This Is Why You’re Fat” now they are a bit under the radar on tumblr, but I’m still a fan.

It’s pretty magical. I mean, who doesn’t want a fried donut cupcake?!

I know what I’m having for breakfast…



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