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I am extremely obsessed with loyal to my favorite foods. So, I try to justify having them for any and all meals.
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The list of my favorite foods goes as follows: watermelon, eggs, fro-yo, tequila, hummus, pizza, dark chocolate. (Not in order, Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Corea del Sur but kinda.)

I make a huge effort to have at least two of these foods for every meal.

Exhibit A: watermelon margaritas

Exhibit B: chocolate chip omelets

Yes. I went there.

I love putting hummus on everything my eggs. but a big ol’ dollop of Sabra Roasted Garlic hummus on eggs, isn’t the most photogenic food in the world. So, it turns some people off.

Luckily, a hummus filled omelet is delicious and pretty and easy to make!

Hummus and Veggie Stuffed Omelet

{gluten free – vegetarian – high protein}


1 egg and 3 egg whites

1/2 cup chopped veggies of your choice

Salt and pepper

2 Tb. Sabra hummus (or more!)

Optional: Ketchup, Sriracha, cheese

Directions: cook veggies until soft and set aside. Spray pan with non-stick or butter. whisk eggs and put into pan, cook omelet though. spread one side with hummus and veggies. Fold over and serve.





Question: have you ever put hummus on your eggs?

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