This Sunday was quite chill I did some cleaning as well as eating as well as relaxing. just like I like it

Remember exactly how I have the most tragic Pink Sink? Well, it’s still to life as well as well since we have a long listing of home repairs to do before anything cosmetic. So, even though it embarrasses me to show you my pepto bismo décor I want to show you exactly how I lastly organized my make-up!
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Face Mask tips for Running as well as walking Outside
Face Mask for Running as well as walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak.
Do you requirement to wear a mask? What mask is the very best for runners as well as walkers?

Check out my finest pick for a mask.
Plus the CDC’s suggestions on when to wear a mask as well as what kind during the COVID19 outbreak.
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I chosen up this drawer organizer at Target last week. It’s as well huge to in shape in the drawer, however perhaps having it on the counter will mean I’ll really utilize this stuff more than when a week. Maybe.


Now to address the “Too Thick” title. I believe thickness is a reoccurring style in my life. I’ve come to terms with it by only buying stretchy pants as well as making sure everybody I’ve ever satisfied understands I’m Mexican as well as will ideally not judge my latin curves (you know, cause that’s racist).

But, dinner tonight was almost a catastrophe since it is as well thick…

A coupon for Pillsbury biscuits provided me the very best concept for dinner – poultry Pot Pie! I was on a objective to have it, so even though I did the most legendary grocery haul yesterday I went out to pick up the last few essentials.

The photo showed bread sticks, however I got the Target brand huge biscuits since I’m inexpensive as well as they’re remarkable (and BIG, did you get that part?).

Unfortunately, the top part of the biscuits cooked, however the bottom was soft dough!!! I didn’t’ recognize up until I went to serve it. #FoodFail

I ended up cutting off the top part of each biscuit as well as putting the pan back into the oven to surface cooking.

But, what was I going to do with all those biscuit tops?! If it’s not obvious that I ate them, then you don’t understand me at all. Hey, perhaps that’s why I’m so thick. Oh well…

The completed product was not as nice to look at, however it still tasted delicious.

I served it up with eco-friendly beans cooked in Italian dressing as well as 21 Seasoning Salute.

I believe I’ll enjoy a bit dessert while I watch the genuine Housewives of new Jersey.

See you tomorrow!



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