“Salad in a hummus container” doesn’t roll off the tongue as quickly as “Oats in a Jar”, however I believed I’d continue today’s style of eating my meals in food containers that are difficult to scrape out ?

When I saw I had this much hummus left I chose to make a salad best in the container. This is a huge Costco size hummus container (yes I eat sufficient hummus that I can purchase it from Costco, I likewise eat sufficient spinach, apples, grapes as well as seltzer water that I need a regular trip just for me!).
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I piled in cabbage, Camiseta Sport Club Internacional tomatoes, carrots, onions as well as topped it with cottage cheese for protein. even though hummus is made of beans it is fairly low in protein as well as this is a great salad addition.

I made a PB&J to choose my Camiseta West Ham United salad. I like PB&J as well as cannot get away from it! I mixed up the salad after this picture as well as it was amazing! Do it. Do it.

A bit later I ate a bit hairy good friend kiwi much more out of boredom than hunger, however now I really feel hungry. A snack is on the method ?We’rethisclosetoFriday!!!

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